Article Writing Promoting Branding And Ultimately Profiting From Your Hard Work

Article Writing Promoting Branding And Ultimately Profiting From Your Hard Work, is an article that will discuss the follow up necessary to ultimately receiving a nice passive income from your on line writings.

There are many venues to showcase anyones writing. On line article directories abound throughout the Internet and most will entice you with promises of grandeur and large profits with little work.

The truth lies in how well the articles are promoted. The best of the best can just submit their work and instantly they go to the top of the list in search results because they are using SEO techniques and writing valuable content that the end user is actively searching out.

In order to get the kind of traffic that is needed to make a good living in this uncertain income producing business, the first thing you must accomplish is getting the work out there. The second thing that must be accomplished is making sure that the people that are looking for the information you are providing are seeing the work. Targeted traffic, simply put can make you a bundle. The problem most will have is rambling.

Information is not best delivered with more words. People today are in a hurry. They search and they want to look at the best results and get it done quick. This means that the overstuffed work with a bunch of unnecessary words are going to bore the reader. This boredom will only cause them to leave your work like it may be contaminated and never return.

The other side of the coin is what where trying to achieve. Giving the reader the most information in the shortest possible way is what everyone's looking for today. Pertinent information is good. It can take the reader where they wanted to go. Stuffing the work with a mess of keywords to try and rank, may get the reader to your piece but it won't keep them there long enough to give any benefit.

Search engines are getting smarter today. If you have some good information and can present that information in an easy to read as well as comprehend method, then the world will flock to your door. This will translate directly into increased income and you'll be on your way.

Profit from writing


So How Do We Do It

Getting the word out

How we do it is something that no two writers will agree on. There are many ways of publicizing your on line content. Blogs are one way as people are now following their on line articles within their own blogs and this method is good it will provide links back to your work for the search engines to find.

These back links are good but a better link would come from an authoritative site like wikipedia or any .edu site. These are known as high interest websites and people trust them. The search engines also trust them and they take a lot of weight when they see links coming to your work from any of these high priority established web sites.

There are also paid methods of getting traffic to your work. The problem with these paid methods is that not always will the Right people be coming from the paid ads. Natural organic search in my humble opinion is the best traffic generator there is.

In order to get people to your work with organic search, you must have the best and most relevant information that the world is looking for on that subject. There is no short cut and as a good writer you shouldn't be looking for one.

Produce quality writing and give the user/ reader what they need. This is the best way to almost guarantee that your work will show up high in any result pages when the subject is searched. This translates to interested viewers and ultimately profit on your articles.

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