Some would say that there is no such thing as article writing shortcuts. You either write a good article or you write a fast article. I, of course, completely disagree. Writing feature articles can be a time consuming process, but there are techniques that can be utilized to speed up your writing process without sacrificing quality. When you are writing for money, using these shortcuts is the best thing to save time.

To write fast, you need to know what shortcuts are available. Here is a look as some of these shortcuts and how you can use them.

Keep Your Hands on the Keyboard

One of the first shortcuts that can be used is to stop using your mouse. This might sound a bit off, but not using your mouse when you type can save a bit of time. Keyboard shortcuts are the fastest way to write an article and get it done both professionally as well as quickly.

Using the keyboard doesn't take as long as using a mouse will. So stop using your mouse when you are writing. Most software programs will have keyboard shortcuts that are faster and more efficient than mouse clicking. Time is money and when writing, you want to save time not lose time.

Don't Start From the Beginning

A second shortcut that can be used is to start in the middle of the article as opposed to the beginning or the end. Writing the middle is quicker as more people become stuck on the first and last paragraphs of articles.

When stuck, it takes time to get unstuck. By writing the middle first, the rest will come together quite nicely. This will cause the article to pull together quite quickly. Take the body of the article first and then work on introduction and conclusion. Once you are happy then the rest will simply fall into place. Focus on the middle first.

Research Early

The third shortcut to take would be doing your research early. This is a quicker way of doing things. Procrastination is the death of all articles. If you have a lot of research to do, get it done BEFORE you write the article in question. Sometimes research takes a lot of time and when you are trying to write articles, time is not always on your side. So you have to have all the research done early so that you have to do so that you have enough time to write the article in question. Taking this shortcut can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Get Started

When taking shortcuts, please remember that while using these shortcuts is fine, you still have to have quality material to present to your readers. There is no excuse for not doing the work right. Taking shortcuts doesn't always mean that the work will suffer.

Using these shortcuts is a good way to help you with the timing of writing the article in question. Using article writing shortcuts is a way to save time provided you have done the necessary framework beforehand. This is what will make the difference in article writing.