Article Writing Guide

In this article we’ll discover a number of tips for article writing on the Internet. Writing for the web is a popular way for beginners to not only get better at their craft but make some money in the process.  With traditional publishing you would need to be a seasoned professional before anyone would pay you for your written work. When you write online you can submit your work to various content sites and get a little income from your articles. As a new writer there are several things you should keep in mind before you start writing.

Article Writing Tips: Take a Writing Course

While you don’t need any formal education to put publish your work online it pays to take a basic course so you have some fundamental knowledge behind you before you begin submit your work. Your article writing will be seen as professional if you can get the basics down such as the proper article structure of beginning, middle, and ending. A writing course will also give you the basics of grammar and provide you the tools for more advanced writing such as freelancing, magazine writing or novel writing. There are many courses you can take online and some only cost a few hundred dollars. You can of course go to University and take a full program if that is what you really want to do. While you don’t need knowledge to begin writing online it is very helpful long-term if your desire is to make a full-time living from article writing online.

Article Writing Takes Effort

Before you venture into the world of article writing you must understand that it takes an enormous amount of effort in the beginning to become successful. Article writing isn’t like a full-time job where you are guaranteed a paycheck at the end of the month.  When you write online you can expect to create a large volume of work before you begin to see results unless you plan to take jobs from freelancing sites such as Elance, but you’ll need specific skills to do that. Your best bet is to create a blog, or join a content site such as InfoBarrel to showcase your writing. Other sites such as Constant Content allow you to sell your articles to buyers but your work must be perfect before they’ll take your articles. For beginners it’s generally better to try some content sites since they are established and you won’t need any formal training to get started with your article writing.

Article Writing Ideas

If you are new to  publishing online you’re probably stuck for ideas. It’s actually quite easy to begin writing if you focus first on things you know. For example you might like video games, cars, cooking, dogs, or traveling.  All these make great topics because they are things you are passionate about and it will come out in your writing making it interesting for your readers. These are just examples you can write whatever you like. Make a list of topics you like and think of articles you could create. Once you have exhausted your list think of things you would like to do and then go research them. This will make the mundane process of research more engaging for you because you’ll be finding out information on things that generally interest you. As you write more the process of creating topics will become easier for you. Try to think of one or two ideas each day and then set aside time to write the piece. Keep a running list of ideas so you always have something new to write about.

Your Article Writing Will Bring You Results

Never give up on your dreams. Use this article writing guide to get started and go from there. You’ll find plenty of great resources online and communities that will support you in your work. Give yourself time with your writing and the results will come. There are many successful writers online who do nothing but contribute content to various websites and they have never written a book or published work in a magazine.  Money won’t come in overnight but with dedication you can make a living online doing what you love and that’s the simple joy of writing.