10 simple tips that will help you when writing articles

When I was young, I thought article writing was a very hard task that only professional writers who took courses about writing are the only ones who can do this. I only used to write articles during English classes when teachers or professors told us to do so. I thought that these articles are only for school purposes and would never make it on article sites - but I was wrong - especially now that article writing became very popular when the Internet was born.

Website administrators, especially the new born sites, usually hire people to submit articles for them to become a content of their site. Some require professional writers or those with previous experience in writing. But there are some who welcome beginners to submit articles for their site.

Here are some simple tips on how beginners should start writing their articles.

  • Set the topic of your article.
    Since there are a lot of topics you can write about, it is pretty hard to think of something that will catch the attention of your readers. The best way to this is write something that’s on your mind.
  • Focus on your topic
    Writing about any topic you want is alright because there are a lot of websites where your articles can be read. The important thing is that you should write focusing on your main point and avoid unnecessary details.

  • Make a brief summary of your topicProvide a short but clear context of what you’re writing about so that readers will have an interest in reading it until the end.
  • Guidelines will be necessary
    Using guidelines will help you succeed in making a great article. Write articles using your mind and heart. 
  • Research about your topic
    An extra knowledge about the topic you’re writing about will really help in making you’re article better. Conduct some research from other sources to give you other ideas about it.
  • Choose a title for your article
    A title that would represent the entirety of your article will be very good. Readers will have the idea of what you wrote about. 
  •  Summarize your articleWrite an introductory paragraph that would define your article.
  • Keep your article straight to the point
    Make paragraphs and sentences short. This encourages your readers to read until the end.
  • A simple article is better
    As much as possible, avoid using words or phrases that are too complex. Use simple languages. This is to target a wider set of readers.
  • Climax of an article
    Make an article containing a conclusion with a climax. This will make your readers understand the value of what you wrote about.

  • Write your own article
    You may get ideas from other articles but never copy it word for word. Input your own ideas about the topic you are writing.

There are a lot more to learn about article writing, but whether you are writing for passion or for the money, these tips will be very valuable to start writing your own articles.