So Much White Noise!

If you are anything like me, article writing for revenue sharing is intriguing because you have clicked through a couple of these "get rich quick" schemes we all see online baiting us into the next easy money making scam. And if you and I are kindred spirits (as I assume we are because you're here on infobarrel;) you may have even gone so far as to actually pay for some of these so-called businesses, only to be left frustrated with empty promises and even more financial stress.

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Let's face it, we all can use some extra money; especially with the holidays kicking down our doors! But none of us can afford to waste our precious time or hard-earned money on gimmicks or illusions of grandeur.

Time is of the Essence

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As a busy husband, parent, small business owner and coach, I don't have a lot of extra time to try new business ideas for extra money. Over the last few months, since my business is rather seasonal ( and my grandmother was scammed out of over $20,000, I began researching ways to create an income for my family that won't take me away from them! My ultimate goal in life has always been to give the best of my years to my family, not to a company or organization that sees me as disposable.

(See video below: Lead Me by Sanctus Real)

So after literally hundreds of hours of research, reading thousands of pages of shameless blogs and corny copy, I stumbled upon a great Internet Marketing Blogger by the name of Pat Flynn whose primary blog is He is a borderline guru, with several streams of passive income. He is my new hero!

His site is easy to follow, his instructions are clear and concise, and his advice is priceless (and free!). Pat posted several Podcasts for beginners, laying out the plethora of passive income opportunities available online. The first opportunity he described is article writing for revenue sharing sites. He gives a great deal of detail on how to get started, who to work with ( of course!) and what to expect. I love it because he is honest and forthright, but he also leads by example, sharing his personal experiences with us, to the penny. Furthermore, he gives great tips on free information and quality tools we can use to maximize our profits!

A Dream Fulfilled

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After listening to Pat's podcast, I immediately went to and set up my account. It was very easy. I even earned my first 7 points that night by uploading my picture and making a comment on another article, The Anatomy of Viral Content! I lost a lot of sleep that night coming up with so many article ideas that I am sure I will be earning my first revenue in no time! I am extremely excited about article writing for revenue sharing with because I love to write, I love to help people and I am dedicated to earning a full-time passive income.

When you're losing sleep fulfilling your dream, you never get tired!

Giving the best of my life to my family!