Article Writing requires Work Ethic!

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In order to acquire a skill like article writing, we must be willing to work for it. And not just work for it, but work industriously (harder) and efficiently (smarter). Sometimes, when we are looking for a way to provide for our families by utilizing our skills and we run across new and uncharted territory that seems so promising, we get overzealous; a lot like the California Gold Rush. We naively pack up our bags and head west jumping into the water with our gold pan and our rubber boots hastily sifting through muddy waters looking for that golden nugget.

Sound familiar?

Like so many 49er's from the California Gold Rush, article writers are rushing into loneliness and disappointment. Aside from the basic technical skills one needs to begin "panning" for articles, there are two critical characteristics writers must have in order to be consistent and successful.

Repetition is the Mother of Skill 

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Mommymommymommy's article "Writing for Info Barrel-A Step-by-Step Guide for New Writers" is a must read for every new article writer. She makes it clear that we have to be willing to write! (Hey, that's a novel concept...You have to actually work!) Start writing, be patient, and keep writing!

The original Argonauts were not necessarily the smartest minds in the west, but they were timely and developed a quick routine for excavation that lead to legendary tales of instant wealth!

This seems simple enough, but like Mommymommymommy said "I know this sounds so obvious, but I constantly see people spending more time in the forums than they actually do writing articles." Sure is a great place to socialize and learn the tricks of the trade, but the bottom line is production. If you want to be skillful, you have to repeat your process over and over again until you master it. You need a routine! This holds true for gold panning, dry panning, hydraulicking or writing articles! As they say, repetition is the mother of skill!

Discipline is the Father

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So if repetition is the mother, then who's the father? Well, discipline of course! Now I made this up but, it sure makes sense, doesn't it? A routine isn't really a routine without serious discipline. If I don't get up before the sun rises everyday eager to attack my work, I won't get better. Period.

Ironically, John Sutter, the man accredited with the original discovery of the gold here in Northern California, never felt he got the credit (or the wealth) he deserved from the discovery. Purportedly, the biggest earners we're the members of the Mormon Church, founders of Morman Island in Folsom, CA, who worked diligently at the behest of Brigham Young himself.

Imagine the discipline it took for those men and women excavating for gold throughout California in the mid-1800's. By all accounts, most people involved in the real labor of gold mining walked away from the dream living a nightmare. The money didn't make its way down the ladder. The living conditions were dismal with lawlessness and sickness prevailing. Life in the Diggings, an article found on the California Historical Society site states "Mark Twain aptly called it 'a wild, free, disorderly, grotesque society!'"

"Wild Wild West"

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The Internet Marketing industry is shaping up a lot like the "wild wild west!" There are so many freelancing opportunists with catchy copy and drop-dead deals that one could be easily distracted. It's thought that more money was made off the miners themselves than the actual mining of the gold! If writers aren't careful, they could fall victim to this symptom of capitalism as well, allowing others to profit from their work more than they do.

As with every trade: You get what you put in! With repetition and discipline, success is a given. As I delve into this world of internet marketing and passive income generation, I am constantly reminded of the importance of good old-fashioned hard work. Good old-fashioned values come from good old-fashioned parents! 

If you’re testing the waters in article writing for revenue sharing sites like me, be sure to call on mom and dad! I am certain they will encourage you to stick to your routine with determined discipline.

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