If you are writing articles for upfront payment, it is impossible to write 30 articles per day.

However, if you adopt the article marketing strategy for writing articles, you have to learn to write 30 articles per day.

How can anyone write 30 articles per day?

There are a few ways to go about writing 30 articles per day.

1. Rewriting

Rewriting means to use different keywords and rewrite the articles in different ways.

If the first article is a question-and-answer article, you can rewrite the same content into a how-to article.

You can even rewrite the question, so that you can produce another question-and-answer article.

The trick is to minimize the research time, and use the time to present the information in different manners.

The most important part of research is to search for different keywords.

For example, you want to promote a product about blogging. The possible keywords for the 30 articles are:

Blogging for cash

Blogging for dollars

Make money blogging

Blogging for profits

Make money online

Blogging for money

Blogging to make money online

The fact that you want to change an article with Blogging for cash as keyword into an article with Make Money Blogging as keyword requires a complete rewrite.

The ideas are the same. The sentence structure changes completely.

2. One core article

You can use the one core article strategy to write 30 articles per day.

That means you pay attention to the core article. You can write a 1000 words article for posting in your own website.

You can write another 29 articles of shorter length. These 29 articles summarize the theme of your core article.

The purpose of the 29 articles is to generate backlinks to the core article.

If you post the 29 articles in ten different article directories, you are creating at least 290 backlinks to your core article.

That is why the core article must have the best quality. The other articles are written to arouse the curiosity of the readers to find out more information.

Many writers are using this strategy. That is why some people complain that the quality of the articles in article directories are low.

The fact is that this strategy works. Many article marketers find that the click through rate is very high when they do not provide more information in their articles.

The difference between article writing and article marketing is the mindset. When you are doing article marketing, your purpose is to get readers to click on the links in the resource box. You do not want to give out so much information to satisfy the needs of the readers.

You want them to click on the links to the landing page and buy the products. That is why article marketing focus on writing low quality articles make up of empty words. These are the articles with sales value but not educational value.

Article writing is different. Many writers who engage in solely article writing take pride in their ability to teach and inform the readers.

They are mindful of using empty words. They want to achieve the standard of writing a nearly perfect article.

That is why a quantum leap is required for an article writer to engage in article marketing.

It is possible for both article writers and article marketers to generate 6-figure income.

Robert Deveau is an example of article marketer who writes 30 articles a day and get rich. His income is mainly from the commission from sales of products and services.

David Drake takes a different approach. He seeks out lucrative market for article writing. That means the quality of the articles are definitely higher than those you have read from Ezinearticles.

Are you interested in article writing or article marketing? You can try both methods and see which one you prefer.

Regardless of what you choose, you can get rich when you are good enough and at it long enough.