Learning to be a good writer is what we all strive for. The learning process will help you developed into a quality writer.

The first step is to have a plan for what your are going to write about. Subject matter or the topic should hold your reader and offer solutions to whatever problem they are looking for answers to. Planning comes first and all through your article. You need to think through out the article,am I reaching the reader. Am I answering the questions that brought them to my article. Your article needs to be simple and to the point. Developed your plan and sit down and start to write.

The next step is creating a draft of the article subject matter. get your ideas and knowledge of the subject down in a written draft. Make your first draft as complete as possible. Use complete sentences and break it down into paragraphs. If you need to research this is time to do it and then put it into your first draft. You can point out different positions and answers to a problem. You can then research the best solution and give your answers in a easy to follow format. If you are writing from personal experience then the solution to a problem becomes quite clear.

If you decide to write about a unfamiliar subject. This is where research comes in. Research should always be done for subject matter that you have no experience with. After you find a resource you need to evaluate the facts and usefulness. Ask the question does this answer the problem you are writing about and give solutions. If your not writing about a problem does the research provide the information you need and is it current. Check to make sure the information is not out of date.

Now that you have researched and written a draft your next step is revising and editing your article. Make sure what you have writing has direction, focus and evidence to prove your point or show a solution. Does it make your point without confusion and is easy to read. You need to check the clarity of your ideas so that they make sense. Make sure that the facts are correct.

Next you can edit your writing. Check your grammar, spelling, and make sure to use proper punctuation. Computers are a great tool to use for editing. Word processing programs can do all this for you. Now that you have finished your article proof read it several times. Now you need to choose a distinct title that represents what you have been writing about. The title should contain some words from the main body of the article. Writing is communicating with both writer and reader. Each needs to know what is going on and where its going.