A chance to support a talented musician exhibiting his skills on various instruments

Always good to get out of the mainstream and listen to indie every once in awhile

Positive Christian lyrics


Won't find this in a WOW Christian music series

Some songs are better live than recorded

Positive Christian lyrics (if you're not religious)

Full Review

Leonard Jones came to my church early in November to perform in a conference we were having. I go to a small church with a small worship team, so Leonard, being the gifted musician he is, would play two, sometimes three different instruments in one song (not simultaneously, although that would've been more entertaining). I typically enjoy more secular music than Christian, but with the talent displayed in the conference I decided to purchase a CD and have a listen.

It starts off real calm and relaxing with the song "Honey Love". This song has a free flowing mood to it with seemingly no lyrical structure. Only the chorus "what kind of love is this tell me/ what kind of love is this, honey love" provides the structure. Otherwise he says whatever comes to mind relating to his adoration to God. After he's done professing his love to God, he takes us to the 80s era.

I know, strange huh? I don't know if he meant to do this, but the heavy-synth "Signs And Wonders" makes me think of spandex, big hair, and tons of accessory clothing. It's like just before recording he watched an 80s movie marathon on cable. The only thing that'll get your mind off the Eurythmics are the lyrics: "signs and wonders, healings, deliverance is coming here" - Oh yeah, you're getting a faith healing while listening to 80s music. And it wouldn't be a Leonard Jones recording if he didn't shred the strings with a guitar solo, which he does here with passion. This track stands out like a sore thumb from among the rest of the album - a sore thumb beaten repeatedly by a sledge hammer. But it's nice to go retro every now and then.

We come back to a more contemporary song with the track "Arise Shine", which I believe is much better heard live than on the album. Playing live allows him to really lets lose with extended guitar solos, satisfying any rock n'roll hunger, and immerse the crowd in a plethora of electric guitar noise, controlling the ambiance of the room. He makes it a family affair with his son playing the drums. This is a really enjoyable song if you're into rock music. As he sings "put the glory on", he constructs an impenetrable wall of sound that is quite glorious in its own right.

Another favorite song on this album is "Pull It Down". Many times all we require in music is a pleasant riff and we can be satisfied for hours. And that's all Leonard does in this track. Mainly instrumental with improv lyrics (more like preaching) - he's praying to God to pull down strongholds, with instruments setting the atmosphere. But it's a good song to just chill to.

This album offers a wide selection of music that'll probably satisfy most tastes. If you don't find a genre in this album you enjoy, you must be listening to an undiscovered style of music because he's all over the place. There are violins, mandolins, electric guitars, organs and sitars. And the styles range from easy listening to rock n'roll to 80s. And since Leonard plays a variety of different instruments on the album you know you'll be supporting a talented musician purchasing this CD.

In Closing

Really, if you swing one way or another religiously, you'll know whether or not you'll like this album. Otherwise, for the casual listener, it's a good buy. You can listen to some samples here. Also, if after listening to "Signs And Wonders" you still have a hunger for 80s music (I know I did), here's a classic I think you'll enjoy.