Artificial Christmas Trees Guide

Why fake trees are better than the real thing

Some people swear by their natural trees. If you have the free time, the money, the large house and a family that refuses to budge on the subject, natural trees are great. Otherwise, there are simply too many benefits to owning an artificial tree to overlook. Benefits such as these:

An Artificial Tree Lasts Forever
A natural tree only has so long before it becomes an ugly, dead reminder of the Christmas season. It starts to drop its needles everywhere, it starts to turn brown and grey and it's kind of like having a tumbleweed in the middle of the living room. You need to buy a new one every year and haul it out to the trash come January. With an artificial tree, you buy it once and you have a tree for next year and the year after and the year after. If you want to save money and not have to deal with hauling dead trees around, artificial Christmas trees are the way to go.

An Artificial Tree is Cleaner
The one thing that everybody who's ever hauled a Christmas tree remembers is sap all over their hands. Once you've chopped a tree down and gotten it home, you can only ever get it so clean. It's going to have some dirt on it and you'll be lucky if it doesn't contain a bird's nest and a squirrel or two. The better artificial trees look just like the real thing and even come scented like real trees but they're clean, they're sapless and they're easy to move around without getting your hands coated in sticky dirt and pine needles.

An Artificial Tree is Cheaper
A good Christmas tree can cost as much as the rest of the Christmas decoration budget combined. This is a worthwhile expense if you earn a six figure salary, but for most of us, an artificial tree's price is a major selling point. Generally found at a fraction the cost of the real thing, artificial trees are easy to afford on any budget and their being reusable doesn't hurt the price tag either.

Artificial Trees are Safer
Nobody uses actual candles in their trees anymore and Christmas lights are getting safer and safer, but real live Christmas trees are still a significant fire hazard. When you have a big pile of dried, dead wood and pine needles in your living room, surrounded by Christmas candles, wrapped in electrical wiring and sitting next to Uncle Joe who refuses to put his cigar out, you have a fire hazard. Artificial trees are very difficult to catch fire.

Selecting a Tree
When selecting an artificial tree, you have a lot of options. Various types might include the following:

Fiber Optic Trees
These trees have their own lights and can be bought in many colors and styles. Some people like the ease and convenience of these trees while others like to decorate with their own lights.

White Christmas Trees
These trees lend the home more of a modernist look. If you're going for a white Christmas theme, this is definitely the one for you. On the other hand, you may want to keep reading if you're going for more of a homey, natural Christmas.

The Old Fashioned
A good old fashioned green tree is really all you need if you want a nice authentic, real tree feeling at home. This gives you the look and feel of a traditional real Christmas tree with none of the downsides.

Some people, again, refuse to budge on this issue. From a pragmatic vantage point, though, there is absolutely no reason to bother with a real live pine tree in your home. For ease, convenience, money and even safety, artificial trees win hands down.