Put that holiday jingle in your step by placing a few beautiful artificial Christmas wreaths in your home. These classic holiday decorations have a lot of benefits over natural Christmas wreaths, and look just as great hanging from your wall or front door. Here, you'll learn more about artificial Christmas wreaths, see some of the options you have, and gain an idea on the prices for them in stores.

Artificial Christmas Wreaths: Timeless Tradition, Everlasting Decor

holly artificial christmas wreathJust as artificial Christmas trees have grown in popularity over the years, artificial Christmas wreaths have also followed suit. And it shouldn't be surprising. These holiday wreaths hold some big benefits over their natural counterparts.

Artificial Christmas wreaths last for years

The actual needles and leaves are normally made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a popular plastic which can withstand years of use, both in the home and outside of it. No need to be picking a new Christmas wreath up year after year.

Artificial  wreaths don't shed pine needles

Natural wreaths, just like natural Christmas trees, will begin to lose their needles bit by bit. This can create a continual mess that needs to be managed. This mess, though, goes away with an artificial wreath.

They are more versatile in their designs

Just like natural Christmas wreaths, you can find undecorated and decorated styles out on the market, but artificial Christmas wreaths take it a step further. You'll find all sorts of color variations and thicknesses of pine needles, often built to look like different varieties of pine trees, but just as often colored and decorated in fantastical ways. You'll find artificial wreaths that appear dipped in silver and gold and others that have the look of a fresh flurry of winter snow upon them with holly trimmings. The styles can really be stunning.

They take the hassle out of decorating

If you are the "set it and forget it" type or you've got a busy lifestyle where hours upon hours of decorating don't fit in your day planner, artificial Christmas wreaths are a real holiday blessing. You can buy many decorated styles that take just minutes to place and minutes to pack up at the end of the season.

They are not as likely to catch fire

While no wreath is fireproof, most of the artificial wreaths available today have been treated to be fire resistant. This makes them a safer choice for use around candles and fireplaces. 

Artificial Christmas wreaths are cost effective

Most artificial wreaths are comparable in price to their natural Christmas wreath counterparts. But, the real money savings comes in when you multiply it against the years of use you can get. Buying an artificial Christmas wreath can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of its lifetime. 

Where To Use Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Anywhere you can think to use a natural wreath, your artificial Christmas wreaths work just as well. They are excellent Christmas decorations to welcome guests into your home by placing them on your front doors or inside your entrance hallways. You can place them on the outside walls of your home or garage to add a festive flavor all around your property. You can also use them as table centerpieces with Christmas candles to create the right tone for your holiday meals. presents and pinecones artificial christmas wreath

If you've got little ones, buying an undecorated wreath and decorating it with your own style can be a fun Christmas activity for children. You can decorate them with holly, ornaments, bows, miniature Christmas gifts, and anything else that reminds your family of the holiday season. It's a great way to bring the family together and get in that Christmas spirit. 

These wreaths also make excellent gifts. Consider buying a few for your neighbors; it's a great way to spread around some cheer to your friends and family. Students who tend not to have the time (or often the money) to decorate might love a decorated artificial Christmas wreath to help them feel like they aren't missing out if they can't make it home. They're also great for office gift exchanges. Who doesn't like a beautiful wreath?

Artificial Christmas Wreath Prices

winter wonderland artificial christmas wreathThe prices of these wreaths are very comparable to natural wreaths, $30 to $50 for a basic version. The prices increases as the wreaths get larger and more decorative. Some artificial Christmas wreaths can run above $100, but they are stunning in their design and their build quality is typically very high.

Artificial Christmas wreaths are sure to enhance the holiday charm of your home, and they can do so for many years to come. You'll find their ease of use and beautiful designs will have you forgetting all about natural Christmas wreaths. And the money you save year over year can go towards presents that make your friends and family smile. It's a win-win.