There are many ways to use artificial grass for both residential and commercial landscaping jobs. Synthetic grass is a great low maintenance surface that can be used for simple or complex landscape projects such as yards or walkways. Artificial grass is also an excellent choice for landscaping because of its customization. Even lawns that have pathways or large stones can be landscaped with synthetic grass. Artificial grass is very easy to work with on almost any surface. From residential front yards to large public paths, artificial grass has characteristics that make it versatile and dependable for whatever landscape project it is used on. Synthetic grass is absolutely ideal for landscaping because unlike natural grass, it requires much less maintenance. Perhaps one of the most amazing characteristics of artificial grass is the fact that it requires absolutely no watering. For residences and businesses, this can save several dollars each year. Aside from water, synthetic grass does not require fertilizer or demanding upkeep, such as mowing, trimming, weeding, or gardening. It simply remains green throughout the entire year, with no concern for browning or drying out, even in extreme temperatures or conditions. Artificial grass' state of the art drainage system allows water and other liquids to permeate through easily, ensuring that there are no pools of stagnant water, which can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, bugs, and bacterial spores. With this drainage system, there are no dirt or mud layers within the lawn, preventing mud spots and tracking in mess. For residential landscaping, artificial grass is great for any type of family, including families with children and pets. For pets, clean up is as simple as using a hose and regular household cleaners to remove waste and mess quickly and easily. Synthetic grass is made from polyethylene fibers that are not harmful for children and pets. Since artificial grass landscapes are made to be durable, rough play is completely tolerable for this surface. Playground equipment and other toys can be accommodated with synthetic grass lawns. Even during seasons of high heat, sprinkles or hoses can be used to greatly reduce the temperature. With business and commercial landscaping, synthetic grass gives a clean, uniform look while maintaining natural aesthetics of real grass. With so many different types of artificial grass products on the market, you are able to choose the right look and feel for your business landscape. Commercial landscape with synthetic grass is ideal because its strength keeps it durable, even in high-traffic areas. Its customization allows it to fit any shape or space, accommodating other landscape accents, including planters, stones, or pathways. For a neat and low maintenance landscape job, artificial grass is by far one of the best solutions on the market today. Its ability to maintain a healthy appearance while saving a substantial amount of money on water and maintenance are just a few reasons why artificial grass should be your choice for landscaping projects. Create your custom landscape ideals with artificial grass and you are helping the environment and embracing a product that conserves money, time, effort, and resources. Tiger Express Landscape is a manufacturer and supplier of artificial turf and synthetic grass for residential and commercial uses. Our Artificial Turf can be used for landscaping, golf greens and sports fields.