When it comes to losing weight, the first thoughts on lots of people minds is that they have to start eating less food and less calories. Whilst this is true, it isn't fully true because it's the types of foods that we consume which plays a major part in how much weight we lose and how quickly we lose it.

When it comes to cutting calories one of the first choices most people make is swapping sugar for a lower calorie option such as artificial sweeteners. But does this calorie saving actually help with our fat loss. Well artificial sweeteners are chemical or natural compounds which add sweetness to the food or beverage that you are adding it to. These sweeteners usually contain zero calories, when you compare that to the high calorie content found in sugar. It quickly adds up to massive calorie saving if you are drinking lots of tea and coffee throughout the day and replacing the sugar with artificial sweeteners.

Artificial Sweeteners Might Be Slowing Down Your Fat LossHowever, some studies have shown that these artificial sweeteners are causing more people to become overweight. Because they help the body to store fat, plus they tend to increase the cravings you will get for high calorie foods.

You're probably reading this now thinking, but how is this possible. I'm eating less calories but I'm still getting my sweetness taste fix. Well the chemical within these artificial sweeteners are said to interfere with the body's capability to count calories naturally, based on the taste and sweetness of the food being consumed. The body is being tricked and it doesn't know where it is at. It might be telling itself that a doughnut has the same calorie content as that glass of sugar free soda. This causes the body to feel hunger and that's when the cravings appear.

This ultimately leads to overeating which results in weight gain instead of weight loss. Sugar free food, may taste sweet but the food companies add other nasty substances to compensate the lack of sugar such as fat and salt. Which as we know if ate in excess can play havoc with a person's health and well-being.

It's a choice of sacrificing your calorie content by swapping artificial sweeteners for sugar and developing more cravings for food and eating sugar free food which contains no sugar but is high in other nasty's. Sugar free is not always the healthiest option, for example go into your local supermarket. Pick up a tub of sugar free ice cream and compare the calorie content to ice cream that contains sugar. You will be pleasantly surprised that there is not that much difference. It's a marketing ploy to get you to buy, the sugar free option which is usually twice the price.

By choosing sugar free and using artificial sweeteners you could be doing your weight loss efforts more bad than good. Don't get me wrong there are lots of people who have found success using them. But the studies show that these artificial sweeteners can play havoc with your body and its ability to not crave food.

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