For as long as anyone can remember transforming contradictions into a character is the purpose of being Artistic. The ability to share imaginations has always been highly appreciated. The fascinating thing about imagination is that it’s similar to a House of Mirrors. If you want a better picture to express emotions consider thinking about mirrors. Seems easier said than done but by the end of this article you’ll convince yourself that all art are really mirrors waiting to give someone else a reflection.

Let’s get started with the artistic aspects of Characters. When an artist starts painting a Ball Room of ReflectionsCredit: the first objective is to have a background story. This is why contradictions are so important. Now you can begin to imagine scenarios in which the character struggles or has a great time being reckless. In addition, this is where minor characters can be assembled for a series or episode. The key is to help the audience identify levels of lovability for any character mentioned.

Before we keep going any further there is one rule to remember. Remove all Layers of Limitations. Your goal is to tell a story and stories are made to be remembered. Ideas are great but they are useless if they are never placed into action. Take all of your nostalgic & pragmatic memories and add them to your timeline of credibility.

You’ll never know how much you’re appreciated if you never express the memories you appreciate. As an artist time only exist as a door way to the past, present and future. Believe it or not you have always been able to travel, write, say anything you want at any time you remember it. To make a long story short the Character you are right now is already creative. Everyone just wants someone to help them remember who they really are.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for…thinking about mirrors! This can be tricky because some people get lost when they put two mirrors facing each other and all they see are infinite illusions of mirrors. The key to thinking about mirrors is to think about you. Yes, you are a mirror and by reflecting emotions other mirrors will reflect the effects of your causes. Astonishing isn’t it? Who would have thought that Cause & Effects reflect Affects?

 If you want to be more productive focus on your “Causes” not the Effects. By doing this you’ll have a better chance of expressing the expressions you want to receive. How long will you remember your memories? (^_^)