Definitions of the word SPIN:
  1. To revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis
  2. To (cause to) turn around and around
  3. Presented interpretation intended to bias opinion (quite a correlation between #1 and #3)

Spin regarding business and politics

Wikipedia says:
"Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the communication between an organization and its public"

A popular cable tv program is Bill O'Reilly's No Spin Zone
We all remember Spin City with Michael J Fox

Spin Doctor

  1. An individual charged with getting others to interpret a statement or event from a particular viewpoint
  2. Musical disc jockey
You listen to someone's spin on a subject and you get their opinion. Whether they're talking politics or telling you to duck when someone takes a poke at you, they're telling you what they believe or what they want you to believe is correct. They may or may not be earnest in what they say but they're presenting the thought as being the truth. The proverbially maligned used car salesman is often portrayed as a disingenuous "spinner" of their own truth about a particular preowned vehicle.

But SPIN doesn't stop with politics and used cars. What about the basketball fan debating why his team is better? The guy making his pitch to a reluctant female? A parent telling his child why not to stand on a tall chair? A lawyer pleading his case? Nearly everyone needs to put spin on something, whether it's a seemingly insignificant subject or a life changing situation.

Recent incredible spins:

Suggestions by some foreign regimes that our tremendous support for Haiti is because we want to somehow take over that country
"This winter's cold snap that brought freezing temperatures as far south as Miami and Key West, Florida, was caused by that old bugaboo, global warming. That's the conclusion made in a new report from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

Says Nascar's target audience is "three-toothed sister-humping illiterate"s. What type of elitist would write something like that? I'm sure theOnion won't even notice if I remove them from my bookmarks!

HealthCare - Both sides use too much spin
The left side of Washington wants the right side to meet them in the middle on HealthCare reform. Would that be at about page 1,350 ?
The spin from the HealthCare debates may set a spin record as a day hasn't gone by in nearly a year that the media hasn't covered at least one politician weighing in a version of the "truth".

TheView -
Lively daily debate on ABCs morning program. Makes my head spin just watching it.

A few more words and phrases connected to or suggesting spin:
  • postulate
  • connotations
  • inevitable consequences
  • unmeasurable financial returns
  • guaranteed to happen
  • let me be clear
  • don't misunderstand me
  • as a matter of fact
  • make no mistake about it
  • remember this
  • one thing you can count on
I nearly cringe when I hear some of these

Spinning too fast and for too long will make even the most upright of us fall done. Please don't quote me on that. Especially if you're gonna give me credit for having said it.

And this has been my spin on ......well...................spin!