When you are working for a client, they are usually coming to you with ideas in mind of what they envision their article assignment. Your job is to transfer their ideas, thoughts and feelings into the content they desire.

There may be times when what they are bringing to you doesn’t quite work. Not as far apart as trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, but perhaps a square into a rectangle. You want to attempt to satisfy the client but you still want to relay to them that changes may be made to their idea but their idea is an excellent one. Remember, this is their content and not yours.

What you may want or feel is not relevant.  The client is looking for your expertise, not your feelings. What they want is relevant and whether or not you can make it work for them. Your expert opinion and experience is needed in these situations and diplomacy to allow them to have as much of their desires satisfied.

There may be situations when you absolutely cannot make their idea work because of limitations of the system or technology. You can explain this to the client and offer an alternative of something as similar as you can to what they originally requested.

This is where your experience comes in. you may need to step back and work with some other things before advising them it may not work. For example, if you receive the original request and know that it cannot work. Repeat back to the client what you understand they are asking for so that you can assure that you are both on the same trail of thought. You want to verify you understand what the client wants and this reassures him that there is no misunderstanding of what they want. Advise the client that you will have to review some things related to their request and get back to the shortly.

After you step away from the conversation, email or chat with the client, take this time to come up with a design or alternative for the client that can meet his needs as close to what he originally wanted as possible and still work. In addition, when working for a client it is your responsibility to look at the entire picture on their behalf.

If they are starting an online website company, look down the road for them at least several months. If they have a business that you can see even further, possibly a year, advise them on that information from your professional opinion also. Direct your client to also look towards the future and what they wish to achieve going forward. By sharing this dream or vision with them you may be opening a door for a possible long term relationship with this client.

As a freelance writer in order to attract and keep clients, see what they see.  Take their vision and try to keep it for them while at the same time delivery content that you can be proud of while still satisfying the customer and building a client base.



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