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The Asa was the sunnath of Nabi (sall Allahu alihi wasallam) and of the many prophets before him.  Allah subhanawatha’ala encourages the use of asa and it is a sunnah to use one after the age of forty.

 In surah Thawba, (in the incident where Musa (alai salam) speaks to Allah on Mount Sinai) Allah subhanawatha’alah asks Musa (alai salam) as to what he had in his hand. From this incident the walking stick and musa (alai salam) were insepperable.

Allah tha’ala, The All-knowing, knew what was in Musa’s  (alai salam) hand. But He asked to show us that it was through this stick that Allah helped Musa(alai salam) accomplish many things.

When Musa (alai salam) threw it on the floor it turned into a snake. And when he took it back, it returned to its original shape.

Musa (alai salam) was commanded to strike the sea with this asa and it parted making a way for the followers of Musa (alai salam) to escape from Firoun.

It was with this stick that Musa (alai salam) struck the mountain and 12 spring sprang forth, providing water for the 12 tribes from the followers of Musa(alai salam).

Musa (alai salam) further describes the use of his asa.

  • I use it as a means to lean against, when I am tired.
  • When I have to stand for a long time it helps in carrying the load.
  • It helps in shepherding the sheep.
  • I use it to pluck leaves from trees, for the sheep.

Inbu Masoodi (radhiy Allahu anhu) was fondly called the helper of the asa. He would fetch the asa for Nabi (sall Allahu alihi wasallam) whenever he needed it.

Hazrath Ibnu Abbas (radhiy Allahu anhu) says

  • He uses the asa to draw water from wells by tying the bucket to the asa.
  • He uses to drive away animals when on a journey, with this asa.
  • It would be used to hang cloths on, to provide shade.

Hasan Basri (rahima ullah) states that there are 6 advantages in using an asa.

  • It is the sunnah of the Prophets of Allah.
  • It will safe guard you from an enemy.
  • It will help the weak and the aged.
  • It adds to the dignity of a Muslim.
  • It will serve as a sutra (a thing kept as a barrier) when praying.

A Bedouin when confronted by the sahaba told them the uses of his asa.

  • I dry my clothes in the hot sun by hanging it on the asa.
  • Whenever my feet tremble, it supports me and prevents me from falling.
  • When I visit anothers home it performs the work of a calling bell.
  • It enables me to embark upon a vehicle.
  • It helps in crossing the river beds. (normally the soft sand will slow the walk)
  • It helps me push away the small obstructions on my way.
  • I use it as a supporting force when walking.
  • I use it to draw anything closer to me.
  • It frightens away the stray dogs.

We may be in a time when technology is at its peak, but we should remember that Islam is to be practices till the last day. When Allah states that using an asa is sunnah the we get the reward whenever and wherever we use this stick.

There are many more uses and virtues of using an asa but a Muslim will need no more proof to follow a sunnah of our beloved Nabi (sall Allahu alihi wasallam).

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