Mesothelioma Lung Cancer

Mesothelioma is a rare kind of cancer. It is usually caused by overexposure to chemical called asbestos and the symptoms may not appear until 20 – 50 years from the time of exposure. After an asbestos product has been damaged, the microscopic asbestos fibers become airborne and can dislodge on the linings of your lungs after inhalation. It can also be ingested without further knowing and be dislodged into your abdominal lining. High risk asbestos exposure  population consists of construction workers, auto mechanics, building engineers, shipyard employees, etc. (primary occupational exposure) and their wives (secondary occupational exposure) that wash their clothes after work.  Other asbestos mesothelioma victims worked in the Navy, mills, roofing and carpentry, insulation, or the automotive and railroad insdustries. Smoking and radiation exposure also puts you at great risk of developing lung cancer and destroying your health.


Simple Facts About The Human Body

Our body organs such as the lungs, heart, abdomen and all others are covered by a thin lining for protection. These layers were called mesothelium. Cancer cells from high asbestos exposure attack this mesothelium and causes the following:

  1. Immunosuppression, means the natural defenses of the body are lowered and compromised.
  2. Activation of oncogenes. Oncogenes are the cancer cells that reside in our body and were normally controlled by our natural tumor suppressants or a healthy immune system. Since the natural defenses are low, this cancer cells go active and multiply rapidly. Most people diagnosed with mesothelioma lung cancer are give less than a year to live.  The survival rate for mesothelioma cancer is less than 40 percent past one year.


The Signs and Symptoms Of Asbestos Lung Cancer

1. Shortness of breath / difficulty breathing

The lining that covers the lungs is called visceral pleura that contain mesothelium cells. Normally, the pleuraprevents fluid accumulation in the lungs (pleural effusion) but conversely, when the cancer cells attack your mesothelium, the pleura’s functions deteriorate, thus resulting to fluid accumulation, compressing your lungs and thereby causing shortness of breath. Related symptoms are coughing of blood (hemoptysis), wheezing, painful coughing, reduced chest expansion and persistent dry cough without phlegm.

Possible Procedures: PLEUROCENTESIS is a procedure wherein the fluids in the lungs are drained. Cloudy fluid suggests protein hoarding and a possibility of positive mesothelioma.


2. Nausea and Vomiting

severe nausea and vomiting can be  signs of peritoneal mesothelioma (an invasion of cancer cells in the lining of abdominal cavity). This time, it results to ascites, an abdominal fluid buildup after the destruction of the abdominal wall protection. Also, the membrane surrounding the abdomen thickens because the cancer cells are multiplying rapidly. The abdomen will be compressed just like the lungs, and gastrointestinal symptoms occur: abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, sudden change in your bowel, abdominal enlargement, loss of appetite, and lumps under the skin develops. Related symptoms include sudden weight loss, fever, anemia and fatigue.

Possible Procedure: PARACENTESIS is a procedure where in the fluids in the abdomen are drained. This is also called the ASCITIC DRAIN.


3. Palpitations or Irregular Heartbeats

A possible symptom of pericardial mesothelioma may be palpitations or irregular heartbeats. The cancer cells thicken the pericardial sac (lining outside the heart) causing a subsequent fluid accumulation in it. If the condition continues, the pumping mechanism of the heart will deteriorate which is highly dangerous. Pumping the heart  is essential in delivering oxygen across  to your brain and body, so this could be a very dangerous symptom especially if you have other health conditions. Related symptoms include chest pains, heart burn, and shortness of breath because of decrease in oxygen supply.

Possible Procedure: PERICARDIOCENETSIS is a heart procedure where in the fluids are removed from the pericardial sac. This is a diagnostic procedures to verify the presence of Mesothelioma in the heart.


4. Swelling and Lump In The Scrotum

Watch for masses, lumps or swelling in the scrotum. The scrotum is the dual-chamber organ of male mammals that contains the testicles and sometimes referred to as the ball sack. Swelling, masses or lumps in the scrotum could be a sign of testicular mesothelioma. This is difficult to discover until surgery (ex. Hernia surgery) is done.  Mesothelioma disease is rare, however, this type of mesothelioma is extremely rare.

Possible Procedures include:  Removal of one of the portion of testicles, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


 Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Symptoms In Severe Cases

 In severe cases, the lungs may collapse and the disease may spread to the other parts of the body. Symptoms include:

  1. Cachexia - also known as the wasting syndrome that shows sudden severe loss of appetite, weight loss and fatigue.
  2. Jaundice – yellowish discoloration of the skin and eyes
  3. Thrombophlebitis -  inflammation of veins due to accumulation of blood clots
  4. Pulmonary Emboli – blood clots in lungs’ arteries


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The Truth Beyond Cure, Prognosis And Prevention

In conclusion, the disease produces fluid accumulation on various linings within the body, thus triggering inflammation and causes decrease immune system response.

Since the symptoms of mesothelioma are not widely recognized, at times, diagnosis leads to poor prognosis. Getting the correct diagnosis could be hard for the doctors because the signs only mimics other types of cancers. But still it is possible to trace by undergoing comprehensive testings, biopsies and imaging scans.

While the cases of this disease are rare, there is no definite cure for mesothelioma; prognosis is usually grim and not many are expected to survive too long after diagnosis. Life expectancy depends on several factors:  How far the cancer has metastasized or the cancer stage at the time of diagnosis, other health conditions which may further attack your immune system and other habits you may have that also compromises your health.  Most of the time, because of the long latency period of mesothelioma cancer, by the time you get diagnosed, the cancer is already at an advanced stage. However, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery offer some help in achieving better outcomes and extending the life expectancy of asbestos cancer or mesothelioma patients.

If an individual is diagnosed with mesothelioma  or asbestos related cancer and is found to have a history of asbestos exposure, a legal option is available and he is entitled to financial compensation due to the negligence of the company he worked for.  Secondary exposure victims such as wives and children may also have a claim. Most attorneys will give you a free consultation and if they decide to take your case, then they don't ask for any money unless you win and are able to collect damages for someone else's negligence.

Prevention of mesothelioma is simply by avoiding exposures to asbestos. We know a lot more today than we did 40 years ago-so there are more safety standards in place. Still there are places such as paper mills and factories that may still have high levels of asbestos.  If you work in building renovations, carpentry, or other industrial type occupations, wear protective equipment especially on your face and practice safe work practices. It will be wise to have your diagnostic checkups regularly if you’ve been working on construction sites for years, to detect any early signs of asbestos lung cancer or high asbestos exposure levels. Prevention is always the best cure.


Financial Trusts Set Up For Victims of Mesothelioma

If you believe you have been exposed to Asbestos, it is best to consult a lawyer right away.  Billions of dollars in financial trusts have be set aside for victims of asbestos exposure. You may be eligible for financial compensation from:

  1. ABB Lummus Global
  2. A-Best Products
  3. AC&S
  4. API, Inc. Settlment Trust
  5. Armstrong World Industries
  6. ARTRA Group, Inc
  7. ASARCO, LLc
  8. Asbestos and Insulation Corporation
  9. Asbestos Claims Management Corporation (ACMC)
  10. Babcock and Wilcox Co
  11. Brauer Supply Co
  12. Burns and Koe Enterprises, Inc
  13. C.E. Thurston
  14. Carey Canada, Inc.
  15. Celotex Corp
  16. Combustion Engineering
  17. Congoleum Corp
  18. EJ Bartells
  19. Eagle Picher Industries
  20. Federal Mogul
  21. G-1 Holdings Inc
  22. Global Industrial Technologies (Harbison-Walker)
  23. H.K. Porter Co
  24. J.T. Thorpe Co
  25. J.T. Thorpe Inc.
  26. Johns Manville Corp
  27. Kaiser Aluminum
  28. Keene Corp
  29. Lake Asbestos of Quebec, Ltd,
  30. Lykes Bros. Steamships
  31. Mid-Valley, Inc (Halliburton)
  32. National Gypsum
  33. Owens Corning Corp
  34. Owens Corning Fibreboard
  35. Philadelphia Asbestos Corp (Pacor)
  36. Porter-Hayden Co
  37. Raymark Corp./Raytech
  38. Shook and Fletcher
  39. Stone and Weber Engineering
  40. Swan Transportation Co
  41. TH. Agriculture and Nutrition, LLC
  42. Unarco
  43. UNR Industries
  44. United States Mineral Products
  45. USG Corp
  46. Utex Industries
  47. Western MacArthur/Western Asbestos

Even if your company is not listed here. You should still contact an asbestos related lung cancer attorney to help you get compensation for your suffering.

A Note about Silver and Cancer. The National Institute of Health (PubMed) has published documents about the effectiveness of silver in nano particles being used to treat affected cancer cells.  There has been a lot of bad press about silver, but in truth the organized medical institutions still use it and used it widely and effectively before the invention of antibiotics.  Before resigning yourself to death, speak to your doctor about trying all options, including so called "alternative." Consult a Natropath if you need to.  There are many writings about the use of silver helping to restore affected cancer cells to normal.  Here is a good blog to read about the use of silver an cancer. Do your own study on pharmaceutical made colloidal silverand how it can help you  fight your disease.  Always speak to your doctor about trying any new treatment including dietary supplements such as silver. Also, here's a good site that discusses the medical research of silver to treat serious diseases.  I am not affiliated with the Invive orSilver Protein Mild websites nor the above blog, but they have some good information that could be useful to someone.  Good Luck and just remember that the bible tells us, that for every illness, there is a treatment or cure.

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