Cricket Live Australia, powered by Vodafone, is the official Cricket Australia IPhone application for live scores, latest news and live match streaming of the Test's, One Day International's and 20/20 fixtures during the 2010-11 Ashes series between Australia and England. The application is a free download from the ITunes App store which grants all of the functionality in the application excluding live match streaming, which is an additional $2.49 per event.

What Do You Get For Free With Cricket Live Australia?

Cricket Live Australia is the best IPhone/IPad/IPod Touch application to quickly and efficiently receive live scores and text ball-by-ball commentary, optimized for IOS devices. The main screen show's a large scoreboard which is perfect to quickly glance at and see the current score.

Cricket Live Australia

From this screen, you can access detailed scorecards and player stats. Text ball-by-ball commentary, which is usually less than 6 balls behind play, is a great free addition which helps take this application from good to terrific. Vodafone also provides a video preview before each days play and then updates with free video highlights of the significant events that have occurred during play. From within the app you can access news stories which include re-caps of games from the domestic competitions and a listing of upcoming fixtures and the results of fixtures already played.

What Do You Have To Pay For?

The only functionality that isn't included for free is the live streaming of the match coverage. At a minimum a 3G data connection is needed to view the match stream but it is much better if viewed over a WiFi network. The data usage is included for free for Australian Vodafone and 3 mobile subscribers, so be careful if you are with Telstra or Optus as the data usage will be countered as part of your data cap and could lead to an extremely expensive bill if you use this feature heavily and you do not have a large data cap.

Is The Streaming Tv With Cricket Live Australia Worth It?

The quality over 3G will be completely dependent on the quality of your 3G data signal and how the servers that are providing the stream are coping under potentially heavy strain. It can be difficult to connect to the server during high volume times such as around lunch time on a work day as workers log in during their lunch break to watch some of the cricket. The frame rate is kept lower than available over WiFi so it is almost impossible to see the ball as it is being bowled live.

Conditions are much better when viewing over WiFi. It seems to be much easier to reach the servers and with the higher frame rate, the cricket is quite watchable. I don't think that paying the $2.49 per match is worth the cost if you only plan on watching the coverage over 3G but there is a significant case for paying the money if you are in an office environment with a good WiFi connection. For only $2.49 for a full test match, it is probably worth the cost just to try out and see how good the video connection is in your area.


Cricket Australia Live is the best IPhone application to keep abreast of the live scores, ball by ball commentary and upcoming fixtures for free. Although sponsored by Vodafone, there is only one small advertisement shown on the main screen when you first open the App, which does not degrade from the user experience. The free functionality alone makes this a must have app for all cricket fans and I strongly recommend users who have an interest in viewing the live match stream on their IPhone to at least pay the extra money for one test to see if the data connection in their area makes paying for this functionality worth the additional cost.

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