Ashes Cricket Trivia Quiz - Test Your Knowledge of Australia vs England Cricket

The Ashes cricket series, held every second year between Australia and England is one of world sports most famous and intense rivalries. From its roots in the 1880's, this series captivates fans in both countries as these two cricketing powerhouses vie for dominance and bragging rights. Test your trivia knowledge of this famous series in this free 20 question and answer quiz.


Question 1: Who has scored the most runs in Ashes test matches?

Question 2: Which country has won the most Ashes test matches?

Question 3: Which batsman holds the highest individual score in an Ashes test match?

Question 4: Which batsman was out bowled by Shane Warne in his first ball of Ashes cricket, which was described as "The ball of the century"?

Question 5: When was the last time Australia lost an Ashes series in Australia?

Question 6: Which captain has captained their team in the most Ashes test matches?

Question 7: What was the series result of England's tour to Australia in 2006/07?

Question 8: Which city hosted the first test of the Ashes in 2009?

Question 9: In what year was the last time Australia and England finished all square at the end of an Ashes series?

Question 10: Where is the original Ashes urn permanently kept?

Question 11: Which country won the very first test match between Australia and England in 1877?

Question 12: In which year(s) were the infamous bodyline series played?

Question 13: At which Australian ground did Shane Warne take a hat-trick against England?

Question 14: During the 4 Ashes series played in the 1960's, how many series wins did England obtain?

Question 15: Which English bowler took 19 wickets against Australia in a Test Match at Old Trafford in 1956?

Question 16: What was the final result of the 1982/83 tour of Australia where England faced off against the Greg Chappell captained Australian side?

Question 17: Until England's ground breaking series win in 2005, how many Ashes series had Australia won in a row before then?

Question 18: What was Bradman's score in his final test innings, an Ashes test played in 1948?

Question 19: Who was the first man to captain an Australian side against England after Don Bradman's retirement?

Question 20: Which Englishman singlehandedly won the 3rd test of the 1981 series after England was forced to follow on?


Question 1: Don Bradman (Australia), 5028 at an average of 89.79

Question 2: Australia with 115, (England 92 and 68 draws)

Question 3: Len Hutton (England), 364 at the oval in 1938

Question 4: Mike Gatting

Question 5: 1986/87

Question 6: Alan Border, 29 tests

Question 7: Australia 5, England 0

Question 8: Cardiff, Wales

Question 9: 1972 2-2, with England retaining the Ashes

Question 10: At the MCC Museum at Lords Cricket Ground in London.

Question 11: Australia by 45 runs

Question 12: 1932/33

Question 13: Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

Question 14: Zero

Question 15: Jim Laker

Question 16: Australia 2 England 1

Question 17: 8 Series in a row

Question 18: Zero (out 2nd ball)

Question 19: Lindsay Hassett

Question 20: Ian Botham

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