Travelling abroad can be a daunting task...particularly for those who have limited travel abroad experience. Everyone is always quick to offer travel advice and tips but the information you receive is not always accurate. Here are a few travel tips for anyone travelling to Asia:

 1. Consider your source: Has someone been telling you that your chosen destination is unsafe? Have they done a lot of traveling? Have they travelled to your particular chosen destination? Or are they relying what they have read in the media? It is very important to consider your source when traveling and it is important to focus on reliable ones. For example, many people would consider Thailand to be unsafe through here-say, but I have travelled extensively around Thailand as a solo female and felt safe every step of the way. The best sources of information in terms of safety for any given destination are to look online at the travel advisories for each country as listed by your government.

 2. Be aware of your surroundings: This is a common misconception that it is not safe for individuals, particularly women, to travel abroad in Asia alone. I have travelled around many countries in Asia safely by myself by having exercised precautionary measures. For example, do not drink excessively or wander around on your own after dark. You are just asking for trouble. Also, research what are considered sketchy or dangerous areas through the use of travel forums and avoid these places.

 3. Rely on your instincts: If you feel something is not write about any given area or situation, you are probably right. Remove yourself from any area or situation you feel uncomfortable about.

 4. Do your research: Related to what I wrote previously about considering your source and relying on your instincts....DO YOUR RESEARCH. Should you ask your mom or friend who have never visited that particular place? Nooo. Who better to ask about travel advice than other travellers? There are extensive online networks of travellers who are happy to lend a helping hand for those travelling abroad for the first time or to unfamiliar destination. Don't be shy, go ahead and post a question on one of these forums and read numerous discussion posts. They should put your mind at ease and facilitate safe travels.

 In conclusion, traveling around Asia, alone or with others is generally quite safe if you use the travel suggestions as listed above. Now relax and have an amazing time on your travels! I hope my Asia travel tips help! :)

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