So, you're finally looking to either make your bedroom more calm and peaceful or you like the general Asian inspired bedroom themes you've seen. In both cases, you can be rest assured, literally, that you will find something you like. Better than that, you'll love your new bedroom.

Getting a new set of bed sheets isn't cause for a champagne and caviar dinner, but it will certainly make you sleep better at night, if that is what you have in mind - wink wink. Because this is a family friendly environment, we'll just keep what you do in the bedroom between you and your partner. But, if it is sleeping and bedding that you are interested in, then let's talk.

You see, there is a trend in bedroom design to go more calm, easy and elegant. You can achieve this through your color palette, bedroom furniture, artwork and accessories including your bedding. Because of this trend, Asian bedding is so popular. There is something about the culture in Asia that inspires a sort of Zen-like state that is desirable in our fast-paced, hurried lives in the West.

It is actually more than desirable to feel rested in one's bedroom, it is necessary. Your bedroom is more of a sanctuary for peace and your rejuvenation. If you don't get the rest you need there, where will you get it? You cannot rely solely on your bedding for your sleeping and rejuvenating needs, but it certainly helps.

You might also add to the Asian inspired theme by going with a more minimalist design. Simple, clean lines reflect a more enlightened state of mind. Less is more you know. Allow your space to be more open, let that qi or life force move more fully through there. Don't stifle your energy and sense of ease by cluttering up the space or using cheap sheets. The point isn't that Asian bedding has to be expensive, just that it reflects a refined elegance. Try it and see how you feel.