Asian Dating Online that Works

My experiences with an Asian online dating site or two has taught me some things that I feel could pass on to make Asian dating online more comfortable and easier for others. When chatting on your Asian online dating site, consider the following advice to make it easier.

When your meeting a partner from a different continent, country, state, even city or neighborhood, you encounter differences. These differences can be on the surface, like the way that we look, dress, or talk, or they can be deeper, such as our values, habits, expectations, and desires. Sometimes the differences are what attract us to our partner. When using an Asian online dating site you will most definitely encounter differences between you and your chat partner. The most obvious differences here at first are the surface differences however when your conversing with someone through Asian dating online you will quickly notice that the most apparent differences are in values and culture. For example, an American college student and his Chinese chat partner are simply talking about the events of their day. The American man tells a story about how he got a bad grade on an exam and then had an argument with his teacher. Challenging a professor may seem like an everyday occurrence to an American College student, however to the Chinese College student it may seem out of line. The Chinese culture is heavily influenced by Confucian philosophy which emphasizes respect of teachers by students. So when the American man says that he argued with his teacher, his Chinese chat partner may be surprised and interested by this behavior. From this simple conversation of the day's events, the underlying cultural differences are exposed. Now if you were dating a person in your same class who objected to your arguing with the professor, you may be hurt that they did not support your action. One might see this as a sign that that person's personality didn't match with yours and a reason to end the relationship. However, in the context of Asian dating online, this difference of opinion is not an objection to the person that you are, but simply a result of growing up with different values.

So don't get upset about these differences and take them personally, but remember to look under the surface see the cultural influences in these differences. One of the most exciting parts about dating someone from a different culture is learning about their culture and seeing how it affects your partner's behavior.