Now that there are more choices on the market and that beauty manufacturers now cater for all skin colors proper Asian makeup can be found quite easily. Asian people tend to have yellow based tones in their skin and will need to purchase the appropriate makeup. Although in the past Asian women wore pink tone makeup it is unnecessary now, old fashioned and gives an unnatural look. Yellow based tone makeup makes Asian skin look flawless, natural and beautiful. So if you want the best for your skin and appearance then it is best to purchase yellow toned makeup.

Typical Asian makeup or at least the eye shadow can boast wonderful colors which compliment the yellow skin tones. These colors include deep purple, deep turquoise, black and navy. These colors should be worn at night and will look absolutely stunning on Asian women. Wear the eye shadow in multi layers so you achieve smoky eyes. During the day you can opt for bronze colors and lighter colors which will give a more natural and eloquent look. You can achieve any look you desire as long as you choose makeup that suits your skin and eyes. These colors have been found to compliment Asian women and you would be well advised to follow this advice.

Because Asian women do not generally have larger lids it is important to apply your Asian makeup in such a way to fool people into thinking you have. This is a technique that will help you achieve a fuller eye look. It basically works like this. Apply the eye shadow in such a way blending from the outside of the eye working inwards. Do the same with a carefully drawn eye liner pencil. Remember if you have small eyes darker colors will make you appear with eyes that are a lot smaller than you have. So be sparing with the darker colors.

When it comes to lipstick, this can vary with Asian makeup during the different seasons and various times of day. During the day you could wear beautiful lipsticks such as caramels, taupes, mauves and coffee shades. This will give you a delightful natural look. In the evening you can go a lot bolder and wear brighter or darker colors such as a blue-red, raisin or deep plum. The most important tip to consider is if you wear lighter makeup on your eyes you can wear a bolder lipstick or if you wear heavy eye makeup you can apply a lighter lipstick. Never the two together or you could look like a heavily made up doll.

Essentially it all boils down to finding the best kind of Asian makeup. So long as you choose yellow based tone foundation and concealers you will more than likely get the look you want to achieve? There are a wide number of shops, online stores and pharmacies that will stock your makeup so it really will come down to price. So enjoy your experience, keep to these simple rules and you too will look a million dollars.