Almost every continent carries its own dress design. Though the designers have gone out of their norms and have reached other influences from other continents mixed with their own. But if in keeping with the culture of the world one may opt to choose a specific continent and play with the design of dresses and then wear it. Like any other continent Asia will not be left behind with its very own designs. And these designs are distinctively Asian. You will certainly be not mistaken by the influence it now carries in the fashion world.

Major Asian influences are coming from China, Japan and Korea. The prints are very specific and bold for this reason you will surely notice whether it is from what country in Asia.

At a certain extent Asian designers have come up to the pedestal of the fashion industry and some have even embraced their design elements in to their designs.

Asian inspired dresses are also somewhat traditional. Depending on the country of influence you will be wearing something that is native to the nation it portrays or with the creativity of Asian designers of today they use the same designs using different fabrics from other continents. This is the type of merger or collaborative design methods of the designers of today.

Being in one you will also bare a certain simplicity and conservativeness in the design and somewhat the person who will wear it will somewhat carry the attitude of the nation that carries the design of the dress.

Whether you are from another part of the world wearing other people or other cultures design is something that one can enjoy. It is also good way to have fun with the way you look and surprise your friends with a look that comes with the dress you're wearing be reflected in you. You will surely get noticed most especially if the occasion does not require nor prohibits you from wearing such Asian inspired dress.

Have fun with your next trip to the department store and grab an Asian inspired dress and while your at it grab a few knick knacks that would go with the dress and you will surely be enjoying that time testing the dress at home mixing a few other accessory from one country to another and you are on your way to having fun with a dress that will surely have heads turning towards you