Extra Cushioning around the heel and mid sole to help increase shock absorption and help prevent shin splints.


Asymetrical lacing might take a bit of getting used to!

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Asics GT Cushioned Running Shoe Review

The favorite Asics GT 2150 line has returned with its latest version, the Asics 2150. made for joggers who need a little extra cushioning surrounding the heel and mid sole, the newest Nimbus sneakers are completely suited to any long distance trail runner

Asics have put a large amount of time and energy inside the most recent GT 2150 jogging shoes and the shoe features a range of technologies aimed at primarily improving a large level of comfort for the person. The trainers provide an in built memory phone heel plug that moulds around the users rearfoot after a few runs and also acts to secure the heel squarely inside the running shoe, and so offering higher support and comfort seeing as now there is less inclination for the rearfoot to wiggle around while running. Asics have also put a considerable amount of work directly into the midsection of the footwear with the addition of their Impact Guidance Line technology. This seeks to greatly reduce the energy that often is sacrificed while training by way of decreasing the shoes normal appetite to deform during while jogging. This technology looks to to assist your foot from the front to back and helps make the shoes substantially more quickly than earlier variations.

male release of the Asics GT 2150 is available in three colorings and the femal version is on the market in four attractive styles. All incorporate Asics' popular brand meshing on the outside of the shoe.
Taking into consideration all the work that has been put into the most recent GT 2150 running shoes the asking price of under $120 is a fair representation. Not simply are they great value for money but also are a top end running shoe for any road runner.

Other major developments in the Gt 2150's include Asymmetric laces. This attempts tomaximize the fit and enjoyment of the trainer as the laces no more are in a location that is susceptible to movement and rubbing. From using in the footwear i can say that the Asymetrical Lacing does indeed require a little becoming accustomed to as when you first begin you really feel like you're running with each of your feet at a bit of an angle. After the first few runs however you neglect that you previously owned trainers with regular lacing. .

Overall I would give the Asics Gt 2150's a fantastic eight out of 10 thanks to their improved capabilities and comfortableness.

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