He popped the biq question...and now you have requests to make yourself! You would like your friends and family to feel special that you are asking them to be a part of your big day. Here are some creative ways to ask.

Things You Will Need

A wedding date


Step 1

If you can, ask each person that you would like to have as your bridesmaid in person...and individually. This way if some people have to decline, they won't feel pressured or guilty by the other people that are there. Also, if someone has to say no and you have to ask someone else, they won't feel slighted.

Step 2

If someone lives out of town, and there is no way to ask them in person. why not send a card? There are many great websites online that offer thousands of greeting card designs, including Zazzle and Greeting Card Universe.

Step 3

If someone declines, don't take it too personally. Sometimes people have too much on their plate to take on the duties of being a Bridesmaid. Sometimes people just can't participate because of financial reasons.

Step 4

Send a boquet of flowers with a card asking if your friend will be your bridesmaid. Or find a t-shirt or hat that says "Bridesmaid" on it. Present the gift when you ask. Tie a balloon to their car on a workday that says "Please be my Bridesmaid!"

It's an important question to ask, but it doesn't have to be too serious. Have fun with it!

Tips & Warnings