The ASP baton has been the center of many debates. Should it be used? Who can carry them? Which one is the best? Regardless there is a rise in the use of an ASP for selfdefense. Each state has there own set of laws, which you should look up before purchasing, but most allow you to keep one in your car or house without a permit.

An ASP baton is basicly a high tech club. Before an asp you could normally use a short w F26E Electroless Tactical Baton Patented Foam High Carbon Steel Ultimate Corrosion Resistance Newooden club but the ASP allows for the concealment of a lethal weapon, which can be taken out quickly for expandable baton defense. There are many different sizes ranging from 16"-31" long. With the rise of asp batons being used you may need help deciding which one is best for your use.

How to Choosing Your ASP Baton


The "best" size ASP has been debated for centuries. Comparing ASPs is like comparing firearms or ammunition, everyone has there own opinion. It highly depends on what you want it for and how you are going to use it. Do you want one-hit stopping power, multiple-strike capacity, quick reload, big, small, etc.?

Manufactures will argue all day on which one is the best but each one will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Most of the time the choose will come down to the size, strength, training, and use of the user. If a person does not have the strength to deploy a certain size ASP, it is useless and no matter what size of the baton, if the user does not use the right force it won't help anything.

If you are planning on hiding your baton on yourself, under your clothing, then you will obviously need a smaller, unnoticable baton. The shorter asp baton will not have as much weight as the larger but the element of surprise may give you lead over the opponent. The speed or actions you take with a baton can override the weight or size of a baton.

A longer baton could be of better use if you plan on keeping the asp in your car or house. It will also give you a longer reach. This can help if you are trying to stop someone running around you, or trying to escape. Most of the time however, if you have to use one it will be in close range.


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Most batons are available in three main colors: black gun, bright nickel and black chrome. Just like the size of the baton, the color you choose will be completely up to you. If you are trying to hide it at night you may want a black one but if you want people to see it, a bright nickle or shiny chrome could be your choose.


Most ASP batons offer multiply different types of grips. The most common grips are foam or rubber and each one can have different designs. When choosing your grip you want to consider weather conditions, sweat, and combat conditions. Grip enhancement may also hinder the ASPs deployment, so also consider this when buying an ASP.

There are many ASPs available and it may become difficult to choose the best one but with this guide you should be able to choose the best ASP fairly quickly. If you have any question about a particular ASP you may consider checking out the reviews. Places like Amazon usually have a lot of user reviews that very helpful.