Living life king size includes some dos and don’ts that relate to our emotions either directly or indirectly. Each one of us ponders how to live a happy and successful life and our way of dealing with thick and thins of life, has a big role to play in it. Our environment including friends, relationships, work, family, school guide our mind’s perceptions and greatly influences the path of our lives.

So, how to live life large (hopefully from a purely emotional state rather than physical state)?


Friends are for life and life is for love. So, loving and caring your friends makes the bond even stronger by each passing day. Friends play a very vital role in all phases of life. However, it is purely by sheer luck we find the true friends in our lives. Lucky are those who keep a true friend. Sharing secrets with friends is the most enjoyable part of friendship, especially those secrets which you cannot share with anyone else. 


We make many acquaintances while enjoying life day in and day out. Some relationships last long and are even stronger than friendship. When you feel someone’s presence is special in your life and enjoy being with that person, it is time to look at the mirror and say “You are in love”. Having a successful love relationship that turns into a committed relationship is one of the largest aspects of lives.

Work and Money:

The time we spend at work/job/office is no less important than a marriage or the time we spend with our partners. It is equally important that you understand the weight of work and money and enjoy your work. “Love what you do and do what you love” says a lot about the importance of how much of our lives are spent working. Work is less so if you are interested, challenged and inspired each day.


Family members are those entities who have supported you since childhood. It was their hand which you held at times when you crawled, tried to stand up and then fell down. They shower blessings and pray for your healthy life. You can seek happiness only if you learn to love and respect your parents. By so doing you will learn to love yourself and one day your own children.


Some things to consider if you are thinking of more education, is the “school life”. School is a place where we to have the ability to excel. What few of us realize is that we may choose to return to retrain multiple times in our careers. Continuing education and life long learning gives us the ability to reinvent ourselves when life becomes routine. Seeking new skills and a new direction will usually take us on an entirely different life path from the one we were on previously.

If you want the opportunity to live life king size, pay attention to all of the elements of our lives that go into making us have the perception that life is emotionally balanced: friends, relationships, work and money, parents and school. Taking the time with those we love is as easy as reconnecting with family and spending quality time with them. Case in point, consider the importance of group dynamics within the family. This story is a very good illustration of how it is the little things that are often the most important. Living large emotionally has a lot to do with life balance.