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After some fun times on the ice, it may be on your mind as to what else there is there to do in Aspen. Well, you will be happy to know there is plenty of locations and tourist attractions around Aspen including the amazing nightlife. It does not matter what you do in Aspen, you will not get the full experience until you experience this travel destination, after the sun goes down. Aspen is known for few areas of interest that includes the downtown area, the West district, as well as the East district. Aspen is surprisingly tiny but beautiful and perfect, to say the least. Aspen is so small; you can even keep your rental vehicle at the hotel and stroll through the city.

Not a lot of visitors pay attention to these recommended instructions, therefore finding out that driving and parking is a difficult task. You have the option of take complimentary shuttles for added convenience. Visitors don’t have to worry about finding their way around Aspen, as the city is small. It is suggested to start your sightseeing venture at the west side of Aspen where you will discover a neighborhood filled with historic Victorian homes. Even though this is an area where Aspen citizens live, you can also find an abundance of nice hotels, condos, and other awesome spots on this side of town, especially on a street called Main

It is here where you will find the famous Aspen Meadows Center. This property features a hotel and is an area in which you will find beautiful landmarks and popular tourist attractions. When traveling through the East side of Aspen, be sure to look out for the rich and famous. This side of Aspen seems to be the more popular amongst movie stars and other entertainers. The East side of Aspen features more wooded areas than the West, which has been more industrialized, over the years. Next, you will come to downtown Aspen.

 Downtown is where you will find most of the fun and action. Downtown features some more historic buildings, outstanding pubs, highly acclaimed restaurants, shopping destinations. The awesome aspect to all these amazing destinations is that they are all in beautiful structures that will take your breath away.

As far as the nightlife in regards to night clubs and bars, the most sought after, most visited, and star studded places to visit are the Belly Up Aspen, the 30 Degrees Lounge, and Bad Billy’s Restaurant and Bar, to name a few.  The one place that should be on your itineraries is the Wheeler Opera House. This venue was built in the early 1800’s and is booked on most days.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a spectacular getaway, Aspen is the destination that will satisfy any expectations that you have when deciding where to spend your vacations. Aspen is a proven hotspot for travelers and is surprisingly affordable as well. Remember; keep your eye out for celebrities and have a wonderful trip. Enjoy Aspen!


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