Aspergher Syndrome

Gettaustin and cordell at the fairing an early diagnosis for aspergher syndrome is important to get early, and will be more beneficial to the child as he develops. These boys are my grandchildren. Austin has aspergher disorder, he is continually challenging us, but bring so much joy to our lives at the same time. Aspergers disorder is on the autism spectrum. My family wasn't familiar with asperghers until Austin was diagnosed.

Austin does well in school, but you always have to push him to get his homework done. Some aspergher children can't handle a regular classroom setting, and need a special education classroom to help them in a smaller setting. You have to learn how to communicate effectively with him to make things better at home, because family stability is the key to his success. Outbursts will become part of his frustration.

Emotional Issues

austin on swing

They have many emotional issues that you will have to be dealt with, and often are multi-diagnosed with ADHD, or depression. The aspergher child or aspie, as they are commonly called at times; do not like new situations or changes. They have a low tolerance level when agitated, withdrawing socially, not having many friends; they always seem a little different to other children. Their emotions run hot and cold, you just never know what his mood will be like that day.

Unique Symptoms

Children with asperger disorder always have symptoms that seem unique to them. They don't like their routines changed, like walking the same path to their classroom. If their classroom was changed for that day, you would find the aspergher emotions very high, and he would become confused. They don't like rules to change, they always like things to stay the same so they will understand and know what is going on around them.

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Repetitive Behaviors

Playing on the floor with small cars can make him happy for hours, running them back and forth on toy tracks. He is infatuated with these little toy racecars, wanting to know everything about how they work mechanically. When getting mad, he'll hit his brother, but never sees any fault in anything he does. It's hard for him to be in social situations with other children even his own siblings, because he's always having angry outbursts. Hitting others can be a problem.

Social Interaction

Include games and physical play for social interaction, and learning how to take turns with other children, as well as getting along. Children going through emotional or anxiety issues sometimes find it helpful to have counseling too. Playing games may help to deal with emotional issues; have him guess expressions on others in a group of faces. When talking to an asperger child, they need to see your facial expressions. Combine visual and verbal activities, including drawings, written activities to increase structure. Encourage activities with social interactions.

Behavior Difficultiesaustin and cordell

Group modifications, and working on behavior has proven to be successful in treating emotional problems at home. You have to have rewards and consequences for behavior outburst. Always show the Aspergher child that you love them, they don't always show it back, but they know. More parent involvement to build self-esteem, and attachment issues with more ideas for dealing with problems at home. How you react with him is beneficial to improving your relationship with him over time. A child diagnosed with asperger syndrome is a challenge, which can be equally rewarding.

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