It is very common to find Aspergers syndrome in adults, even though many of the cases commonly discussed are children. It is important to remember that information about this disorder has increased in the last few decades, so many people who grew up before that time were simply never diagnosed. Also, the symptoms may be less obvious in someone who has lived with it for a long time and learned to cope.

Growing up without a diagnosis can be difficult. Many Aspergers sufferers (known as "aspies") spent their childhood years feeling different; perhaps they always felt shy, or were considered too brainy by their more outgoing friends. However, having a diagnosis means that aspies can have a fuller understanding of their condition and cope more effectively with the symptoms.

Adults with Aspergers may have particular trouble in romantic relationships. Meeting new people and bonding can be a real challenge because of a lack of social skills. Starting a conversation, asking someone out on a date, and then getting to know that person can be a real difficulty for someone with an autism spectrum disorder. However, many people are able to overcome the social challenges by studying those who are more socially outgoing, or by simply practicing their conversation skills regularly.

Simply experiencing more of life will help temper some of the symptoms of Aspergers. Over time, aspies will be forced into regular contact with others, and will be presented with opportunities to expand their interests and experience rich emotions. Life is a good teacher, and mature aspies may not even stand out to observers.

The deep interests and hobbies that make aspies quirky as children can become great career options for adults. Many people with the syndrome have used their increased ability to focus and analyze things to launch successful careers in science, computer programming, and more.

The fact that many aspies flourish as adults and live fulfilling lives gives much hope for young people with Aspergers syndrome. It is possible to overcome many aspergers symptoms and live a normal life. While these people will always seem a bit more distant and reserved, these traits can be seen as independence and serve the aspie well in adulthood.