Assassin's Bullet: Movie Review

The thriller Assassin’s Bullet is a screenplay written by Nancy L. Babine and Hans Feuersinger. The movie stars Christian Slater and Donald Sutherland as its headliners, but its real star is Elika Portnoy who shows up as three different personalities in the movie. In this article I will review the movie and give you my thoughts about it.

The Movie

If you can picture the image of an unknown vigilante (Elika Portnoy) taking out high-priority terrorists from US most wanted list in Europe, and then you have the main storyline of this movie. The US FBI is startled by the ease with which a vigilante gets vital information about these Assassin's Bullet: Movie Reviewterrorists and the way she assassinates them effortless. In a bid to find out who is doing this seemingly noble act the US ambassador (Donald Sutherland) sends in a former FBI agent (Christian Slater).


Before I saw this movie, I knew the above storyline and I thought I had it all. But No! This movie isn’t predictable. People may be able to guess that the vigilante has some kind of motivation from her past, but it’s hard to predict that the same assassin turns up as three different personalities in the movie. First as the ruthless assassin, then a wife facing mental trauma, and finally as a pretty belly dancer Slater eventually falls in love with.

 Slater is hampered by insufficent information as he goes on this adventure of finding out who the mystery killer is. In the end, he eventually figures out the identity of the assassin, but then it was too late to take any action. 

What I liked

Also, the music played in this movie fits it perfectly, it communicates the mystery Slater is trying to unravel and the belly dance is just exquisite. And the movie tells stories from the past. Slater still wears his wedding ring years after his wife’s death and Portnoy is constantly disturbed by the memories of her parent’s death.

There is an interesting twist at the end of the movie; The ambassador who seemed so concerned about finding the identity of the mystery assassin turns out to be her her informant and sponsor. Whether or not his operations will be exposed is uncertain, as Portnoy takes her exploits to from Sofia to Paris after loosing contact with the FBI agent.


What I disliked

Slater lacked the ruthlessness of a protagonist as you will normally see in characters like Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren and Jason Statham. He almost had nothing as an advantage over the unknown assassin. He seemed like a man that is subdued and made ineffective by love. For someone that was called back to duty for the FBI this is strange. That notwithstanding, Portnoy portrays the ruthlessness of a trained killer. She concludes each mission with the phrase, “No witnesses,” leaving even dogs dead.


Furthermore, the fact that Slater has just one incident from which to find out the identity of this assassin is ridiculous. It somewhat limits his opportunities to showcase his super FBI skills. 


My Verdict

I give this movie 6 out of 10. But, I encourage you to watch it if you can. It will definitely keep you glued to your sit despite the fact it leaves you with many uncertainties at the tail end.