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Assistance to Help Pay Your Rent

If you’re looking for help trying to pay your rent there are a few things you can do find this help. There are organizations dedicated to helping low income families pay their rent in certain circumstances. So today we’re going to look at a few of these organizations and the possible assistance they can offer so you can pay your rent. You will have to do some digging and a lot of legwork, but it’s worth the help you’ll receive.

Temporary Assistance for Needy FamiliesCredit:


 There are many different forms and branches of government assistance programs. Usually people who qualify for TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) will qualify for rental assistance. TANF is anything from Food Stamps, Housing Assistance, Medicaid, and Cash. If you’re in any one of their many Public Assistance programs, you will have access to many community assistance companies. These companies partner with the Workforce Agency to provide transitional services to families in need.

Local Workforce AgencyCredit:

Local Workforce Agency

There are classes and other regulations involved in getting the help to pay your rent. Sometimes there are guest speakers who come in and teach money management or credit repair strategies. By sitting in on the class and learning ways to better your future, you receive rewards for your efforts. The most common form of ‘payment’ for these classes is gift cards to Walmart, Target, and other major department stores. You will also, quite often, receive gas cards to help with the cost of fuel. These will offset the cost of your other expenses and leave funds available for you to pay your rent.

If you aren’t part of any government assistance program, it’s still possible for you to contact these agencies and see if there is anything they can do to help you pay your rent. Sometimes they can refer you to local organizations that will be of better assistance. There are a few partners who they frequently send customers to, so they’ll have the most up to date information. 

Metropolitan MinistriesCredit:

Metropolitan Ministries

Aside from partnering with your local Workforce Agency, Metropolitan Ministries has their own assistance programs in place. They already do a lot of things for the communities like food drives and Christmas toy drives for needy families. Another thing they offer is help with some essential bills throughout the year. This is a first come first serve program, so funds are limited. But if you can get into their office to qualify, you may receive a one-time payment to cover your costs to pay your rent. They also do this for electric bills and water. Phone and cable are not included in this program. It’s a one-time payment, and you’re not eligible to receive any other payments for 12 months.

To qualify for this assistance to pay your rent, you have to come down to the office in person. Usually you’re asked to be there when they open in the morning, because as we said they’re first come first serve. Then you speak to a financial counselor about your problems and the reason you need assistance with your rent. You should bring all of your personal identification like Driver’s License and Social Security card. You will also need a copy of the utility bill or rental agreement that you need assistance with.

This process usually takes a few days, so don’t wait till the last minute to ask for help if you can’t pay your rent. You will need to show that you’re in true need of the help, but you don’t want to wait until it’s too late. Usually they’ll give you a form stating that you were approved for the assistance. That should be good enough for your landlord to let you slide for a day or so until the money is available.

Faith Based InitiativesCredit:

Faith Based Initiatives

Your local church may be able to help you pay your rent. If you’re involved in your church then you should be aware of some charitable funds they have available for people in need. If there’s no fund readily available, then it’s possible that they’ll take up a collection for dire circumstances. Churches band together to help their own quite often, especially in times like these.

If you’re not affiliated with a church already, then you may still qualify for some assistance to pay your rent. You would just have to swallow your pride and ask some of your local churches. There are some government funds being allocated for the faith-based programs that help low-income families. So even a church that you don’t normally attend could be the key to your ability to pay your rent.

Also, just like with the Workforce and Metropolitan Ministries, you may qualify for assistance in some other area. If they can give you food or school supplies, then that will be one less thing you have to pay for. You can use the money you save on those things to pay your rent. There’s always something going on as far as fundraising for these programs. So between all of the different programs there should be someone who can help you pay your rent, at least once.


If you, like most of us, find yourself unable to pay your rent one month you don’t need to panic. If you’re receiving any form of government assistance you’re closer than the rest of us to getting help to pay your rent. If you’re not part of any of their programs you may still be able to get assistance on a one-time basis. They should definitely be your first stop. If that doesn’t work, companies like Metropolitan Ministries or the Red Cross can be your next stop. They have less strenuous qualifications for assistance, so you may have better luck getting the help you need to pay your rent. Don’t forget that you can try your local church or other charitable organizations like the Salvation Army. If all else fails, try the phone book. When it comes to finding help to pay your rent, you really have nothing to lose.