The involuntary shaky hands resulting from hand tremors often poses a challenge in leading a normal life. The problem is often due to medical factors such as Parkinson’s disease, prescription drugs and thyroid disorders, along with non-medical causes including aging. Over the years, equipment for people with hand tremors has been introduced to the market in an effort to assist them in everyday activities.

Help for hand tremors can be provided by numerous assistive devices for people with the condition. Products such as the assistive computer mouse adapter developed by IBM help sufferers use computers by getting rid of the erratic cursor motions and unintentional multiple clicking caused by shaky hands. Using the device results in smooth mouse operation allowing users to perform tasks like web surfing and using email. The product, which retails for under $200, is simply plugged into the computer without software installation and is fully adjustable to deal with varying levels of hand tremors.

Much of the equipment for people with hand tremors was designed to help them perform everyday tasks around the home that other people take for granted. Some devices are used to support the arm and facilitate tasks such as writing. The Thomas Steady Arm is one such device and is suitable for both children and adults. A patient’s arm is placed in the arm holder to be secured with straps and a set of tension adjusters are used to react to the effects of the tremors. The device permits the wearer to perform basic motor skills involved in tasks such as writing, eating and personal hygiene. It’s dishwasher safe, comfortable to use and retails for around $500.

Weighted utensils and other dishware have been modified to allow the user to gain better control when holding the item while eating. The insulated weighted bowl is one example that helps decrease the shaky hands effects that inevitably occur when holding it due to the way it’s designed with extra weight concentrated in the base. It’s also designed to maintain temperatures in hot and cold food. Special forks, spoons and knives are all weighted utensils offering meal eating help for hand tremors by improving grip.

Tools such as rolling walkers can help users to maintain balance easily while walking.  Wrist weights can help alleviate the problems associated with shaky hands by decreasing the hand trembling to a reasonable level.

The weighted universal holder is an indispensible tool that holds everyday items such as pencils, toothbrushes, razors, etc. It comes with an Allen wrench and a set of adjustable screws to accommodate holding items of different sizes up to a half inch in diameter. You can find one online for around $25.