I came across Associated Content earlier this year. I had read a review of the website and thought that I would give it a try.

I do find that joining the best writing sites for your own needs, can be a bit, hit and miss. You may read a review of a writing and review website, which makes it sound wonderful, only to find that in reality it does not suit you. That has been my experience with associatedcontent.com.

The layout

The website is quite user friendly and if you have written online before you should find that you are up and runniung in no time. You can write to any title that you like, in much the same way as InfoBarrel, or you can upload videos or photographic slideshows.

I did find the slideshows a pain to upload from my main PC. For some reason the process was much easier on my Laptop. Perhaps this was because my laptop operates with Vista and my PC with Windows XP. However, I have not found such a problem with any other website.

Joining Associated Content

Joining associated content is much like any other writing site, that you may join. Supply the mandatory information, follow the email link and you are away.

The community and forums.

Like so many writing sites online, associated content has a community and forums. Although forums have recently been created on infobarrel, I like those as there is no pressure to join in. They are however, a useful way of finding answers to any queries that you may have.

The forums on associated content are like other websites, such as HubPages, and there is I guess a need to participate occasionally.

The rewards

As long as you have 1.50 dollars in your account, when it is the monthly payment day, you will receive a payment into your paypal account.

Associated content pay Upfront payments and Performance related payments. Unfortunately, if you are a UK resident you are not entitled to Upfront payments. Still, I thought I would give it a whirl.

I joined in August and by November I had given up.

I do not find the site particularly attractive when it comes to reading other members work. When you write an article it takes quite some time to complete and upload.

Yes, I have made some money but my earnings have been small. 39 page views will get you around 6 cents.

I do think that if I had invested time writing masses of articles I probably could have made some money but I did not like the catch.

The catch is that, possibly if I had persevered these earnings would have grown, but as a UK resident my earnings would have been less than a resident or citizen of the USA. In other words non USA residents can write articles that are just as good, as those written by Americans, and they may write just as often, but they will receive less payment.

Helium.com also pay Upfront payments but these are paid to all members not just American ones.

Associated content acually only pay upfront payments to American citizens or legal residents, and no other nationality.

My Advice

If you want to join associated content feel free. However, bear in mind that, if you are not an American, you will in effect be working for less than other writers.


I am in the process of gradually removing all my work from this website so that I can post it where it is offered the same rewards as the other writers who are members. Nothing less should never really be possible.