Associated Content Pay Doesn't Satisfy Many

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There are many people who have been attracted to a website known as Associated Content to write articles. They have heard that this website will allow you to post articles for pay. They hear that Associated Content is offering the dream of all freelancers, the ability to get paid upfront for articles while still being able to use those same articles for passive income purposes. The only question that most have is “Does Associated Content Pay?”. 

How Associated Content Pay Works

Associated Content says that they pay for articles both on an upfront basis and based on how many views one is able to get with their work. This means that if your articles are up to their standards, then you could be paid just for the use of the article, and then paid again for the amount of hits it is able to bring in. This sounds almost too good to be true, but it is in fact the case. However, there are some drawbacks. 


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  • Associated Content Pay Is Not As Good As It Sounds - The upfront pay for articles on this site tends to be quite terrible. You are required to post articles that are about 400 words in length. Despite this, Associated Content pay for these articles is typically $2-$3 dollars. In other words, less than a penny a word. 
  • Long Waits - If you put your article up for an upfront payment, you have to wait about 2 weeks to even get a reply from the editors. Even after those 2 weeks, it is possible that they could turn  your article down for a number of different reasons. Assuming that you forego the Associated Content pay upfront, you will still have to wait about a week just to have your article reviewed. 
  • Low Number Of Hits - Even some of the most effective writers on the site do not seem to be able to get very many views to their articles. Sure, you may see some writers who have 500,000 views or something like this, but these are often the writers who have been working for the site for years, and they also have published thousands of articles to reach this feat. 
  • Associated Content Pay Per Views = Terrible - Finally, the Associated Content pay for the number of views an article gets is terrible. We are talking about pay that is $1.50 per thousand views until you get thousands upon thousands of viewers. Once you start to get a few more viewers, then Associated Content ups your pay to $1.75 per thousand views, and then eventually $2.00 per thousand views. However, it would not be surprising if you had given up long before you reached those numbers. 

Associated Content Pay Is Not Worth Your Time

The unfortunate truth about this site is that the Associated Content pay that you might be able to generate is not worth your time. If you are struggling to find other freelance writing work, then you might consider working for Associated Content pay, but hopefully you won’t be in that position.