Associated Content is probably the best website to get published on. There are many different advantages to writing with Associated Content, and there are disadvantages as well. In this article, a comprehensive review of the website will be detailed.

The best part about writing for Associated Content is that they offer you an upfront payment for articles that you write. This can range anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars. Depending on the quality of your article and it's relevance in the search engine, will determine how much money you can make from it. The good part about writing for Associated Content is that they offer you an upfront payments as well as performance payments. If your article does not get accepted for an upfront payment, you can leave it on their site for performance payments. What performance payments are exactly, are payments that you get from your article when people view your article. You get paid a certain percent depending on how many views you get. The payments that Associated Content offer are per one thousand page views. This can change depending on your writer rating as well, which means the more content that you produce, the more money you will make over time.

Associated Content seems to have one of the best page ranks over all other article directories, meaning that when you submit your content online, it is going to receive the most amount of views and your article is going to rank higher in the search engines, because of the site popularity, also increasing the chances of how much money you are going to make, by the amount of views that your article will receive.

One thing that is troubling about Associated Content is that they seem to increasingly offer less and less for your articles. It seems that over time the upfront payment option is becoming harder and harder to qualify for. It seems that they have begun to become very picky with the articles that they will offer and upfront payment for, which doesn't make any sense because there are some articles that perform way better than articles that has been offered an upfront payment. It does not make a lot of sense for the company to offer payments for articles that perform worse rather than ones that perform well. They are losing out on a lot of revenue.

Overall, Associated Content is probably the best place to make money on as a writer and they review your content quickly and pay you directly to your online bank account. I give Associated Content 5 out of 5.