Asthma may come to everyone, including children and pregnant women. The result of 40 different researches involving millions of asthmatic pregnant women showed that poorly-managed asthma in women who are expecting a baby may increase the chance of having babies with low weight, and giving birth early. Therefore, pregnant women who are suffering from it are suggested to manage the symptoms properly as well as avoid asthma triggers.

The researchers found that mothers with asthma gave birth to a baby weighing 93 grams less than the babies of healthy mothers. The asthma in women also have a 50 percent higher risk of preeclampsia and 25 percent higher risk of delivering premature babies. However, the chance of having such complications can be minimized by having effective strategy to manage asthma. It is important to monitor the condition of mothers-to-be and their upcoming babies regularly.

Meanwhile, some experts come with conclusion that asthma medication does not have direct effects on the babies and mothers during pregnancy. It was also found that the drugs which are commonly used, such as inhaled corticosteroids, do not lead to preterm birth. The inhaled corticosteroids is even claimed to protect asthmatic moms-to-be from having babies with low birth weight. So, pregnant women with asthma should not be afraid to use the medications.

Asthmatic mothers-to-be should be aware of unpredictable changes in such illness during pregnancy. Therefore it is recommended that pregnant women must have their asthma monitored at least once in a month during their pregnancy. It is crucial for them to see doctors or medical professionals who are sympathetic to them and provide full advice and support they need to minimize the chance of preterm birth. Controlling asthma in women will enable mother to get a healthy pregnancy and face little risk of having premature babies.

Avoiding things which can triggers or even worsen asthma in women is another job for pregnant women. It is widely known that patients with asthma have hypersensitivity to allergens such as house dust, animal dander, air pollution, cigarette smoke, or certain foods. So, controlling it means avoiding allergens. It is necessary for all asthmatic mothers-to-be to have a healthy diet. Not smoking during pregnancy can also give their baby a healthy childhood.

Concerning the smoking ban for women who suffer from asthma while expecting a baby; smoking during pregnancy and after giving birth lead to a greater risk of asthma  symptoms, such as wheezing, and respiratory infections. Moreover, air pollution and high ozone level repeatedly contribute to the increase of asthma morbidity. So, pregnant woman  should avoid bad air quality to guarantee their infants health.

All in all, Asthma is a chronic disease commonly experienced by everyone, including pregnant women. The risks that it brings for both the mom and baby during pregnancy make this an important health issue nowadays. Results of various studies on asthma in women have shown that asthmatic mothers-to-be must control or manage their asthma symptoms for the sake of their own and their babies. Having such effective strategy can minimize the chance for complications such as preterm birth and preeclampsia.