The Art of Espresso:

Astra espresso machines give consumers access to the art of espresso phenomenon by providing compact, but professional grade traditional espresso machines. Compared to brewing regular coffee, espresso has a much thicker consistency and crema. Because of the high pressure brewing process, the flavors produced by espresso coffee machines are highly concentrated and are therefore usually used as a base for other coffee products like cappuccinos and lattes. The first espresso machines were introduced in Milan, Italy in 1901 under a patent filed by Luigi Bezzara.

Prior to the 1940s pressurizing the hot water needed to brew espresso was accomplished with a large lever connected to a spring loaded pump. Hence the term "pulling a shot" was something that took practice and delicacy. Today most espresso machines rely on the use of an electric motor and pump to provide a consistent hot water pressure. It is still considered an art to properly brew a shot of espresso with many variables still being involved such as density of the tamped grinds, the consistency (fine-coarse) of the beans, and the temperature consistency of the milk steaming process.

Espresso Myth: Many people think that a shot of espresso has more caffeine than a cup of coffee. In reality one shot of espresso has about half of the caffeine of a 6oz cup of coffee. The myth originated from the fact that espresso has a higher concentration of caffeine per ounce.

Espresso Machine

Types of Espresso Coffee Machines:

There are a number of different types of Astra espresso machines. Ranging from a manual espresso machine which requires practice and skill, to a fully automatic machine, most people find that semi-automatic espresso machines provide a great balance of customization and consistency. Manual machines such as the Elektra Micro Casa a Leva give a barista the most control over the shot, but without experience will cause shots to be inconsistent and sometimes "burnt." Fully automatic machines like the Astra Gourmet series of espresso coffee machines do most of the work of pulling the espresso shot with the press of a button. However, the barista is still responsible for things like grinding the beans. Super automatic machines do everything from start to finish. For example, the Astra 2000 espresso machine grinds the means measures the grinds, tamps and pulls the shot all with one click of the button.

Benefits of Astra Espresso Machines:

Astra espresso machines are built with the highest quality materials available. Their boiler tank capacity and production speed is unmatched by any comparable machine on the market. Their boiler tanks are nickel plated and come with a lifetime warranty. They boast safety features like an automatic low water level shut off switch and reset button. Additionally, all Astra espresso machines operate with ground beans, or coffee pods with no additional hardware necessary to interchange the two.

Whether you are a cafe owner looking to upgrade to a higher quality espresso machine, or if your are looking to make commercial quality espresso in your own home, Astra espresso machines make a unit that will not disappoint.