Learning How to Astral Project

Astral plane travel

Once you learn how to astral project it can become an easy state to achieve but it is the learning part that is so difficult. Everyone can astral project themselves and a great deal of the difficulty stems around belief in the ability. It is important to note that it takes dedication, time and effort, all of which seem to be in short supply in the hectic world we live in today.

Learning astral projection techniques

The state of mind suitable for astral travel is just before you get all the way into a deep sleep. This occurs when the brain is almost shut down for the night and brainwaves are very light. You have to be able to recognize this state and then stabilize your state of mind (which is neither awake nor asleep) to be an effective astral traveler. Astral travel is sometimes confused with remote viewing but they are different disciplines altogether.

Astral projection experiences 

Astral DynamicsI found this book Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences to be very useful. Once your patience has paid off and you have the out of body experience it is just a matter of controlling your astral self. You may be lifted above the ground initially and progress away from your sleeping self can be slow and gradual depending upon your ability and inquisitiveness. Quite often you can look and see inside your bedroom and see yourself lying in slumber in bed. This is reassuring for the novice, who likes to check back often.

Astral projection stories and the fear factor

Astral ProjectionThe biggest factor that mitigates against the astral travel is fear. When reading books or stories about the astral plane it seems mysterious and quite an exciting powerful experience. Fear may prevent a person from going into the state which is a rather mystical experience. People might not believe fully in astral travel, liking it to a form of psychic power, and this will be a big deterrent to success. The concept of an altered state of consciousness and the fear of such a state is the biggest prohibitory factor of astral travel. In every sense of the word you need to have an ‘open’ mind about this subject.

Scare mongering about astral projection dangers

Some skeptics believe that it is dangerous to attempt an alteration of the mind’s state but you choose to be scared in exactly the same way that you can choose to be brave. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. The fear of the unknown is a powerful feeling, whether you select bravery as you venture into the little known area of your psyche, or select the safety of not knowing, or not doing, anything to affect your karma.

Astral projection guide

The guide is simplicity itself. If you do not wish to experiment with out of body experiences or astral travel then do not do it. Do not be coerced into something you have no wish to do. The best defense is, in fact, reluctance to make an astral voyage. Astral projection, in its essence, is the transference of one’s consciousness in physical form to a form that is non-physical (the astral body). You must want to do it for it to be a success. Astral projection is closely related to dreaming but unlike dreaming you have greater control of where you want to go.

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