What Is Astral Projection

 Astral projection is the out-of-body experience that's real. Astral projection happens rarely if you don't want it to, but in some cases has occurred. The main reason or cause of astral projection is meditation. Meditating takes you to a state when your soul slowly starts coming out of your body. I know it may sound weird but it is true. Long periods of meditation cause astral projection your soul slowly starts to leave your body and you actually feel all of this.

 Once your soul has left your body you are free to go anywhere you want to. There is no limit and i mean no limit to where you can go. Anyplace on earth your soul can travel to and if you want to came back your soul is still connected to your body worth a silver cord. A sliver cord is the only reason that your connected to your soul. Some people astral project while sleeping and it can become like an instinct which could be bad.


 Chakras are the main spiritual points in the body as shown below these are the parts that you have but cannot see. Once you meditate your souls starts to move out of these chakras and is ready to leave. The mind chakra could be by far the hardest this is where you keep your thoughts and sometimes could become an obstacle if your souls trying to leave it could be to strong and not let your soul leave. More focused meditation may clear this up.

Body's Chakras


Cautions And Tips

 Be very carefull while you're doing this though. The main danger however is the human fear. Fear holds us back, and once we get scared we don't want to do it again. You must control your fear and nothing bad can happen. Some of the main and most asked questions are.

- Can my body get possessed while im away: No the only way for this to happen is if you invite the demon in to your body.

- Are there demons out there: Yes I wont lie there are but like I said dont invite them or do anything about them if you need help you might want to call upon someone like God.

- Can my sliver cord get cut: No your silver cord is very strong and demons cannot just cut it.

- Is it possible to die during projection: Yes but the only way is if someone kills your physical body.

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