Astral projection or astral travel is an out of body experience in which the spirit leaves the body and travels to higher planes. The concept of astral projection is not new; it has been around for thousands of years. Many of the eastern countries like India have known this technique since a long time. A few things you should know about astral projection:

Out of body experience: Astral Projection or astral travel is an out of body experience technique which is based on the hypothesis that the body and the spirit are two different things. In this technique the spirit leaves the body and travels to higher planes popularly known as astral planes. The idea of Astral Travel stems from the concept of afterlife and life after death that is preached by many religions.

Is it Safe: Astral projection is perfectly safe. You can project or travel as you like. There is no risk of injury or harm to your physical body while you are on the astral plane and nothing can enter into your body while you are on the astral plane. However the body is at risk from the surroundings like a sudden shock or a loud noise. It is important that this be performed in a quiet place free of distractions.

Does stress play a role: The level of stress in your life can directly affect the rate at which you can learn astral travel. Astral projection requires that you be calm, composed and a hundred percent relaxed. Before taking up astral projection it is essential that you reduce your stress levels. A few minutes before the session take stock of the stresses in your life, try to let them go and calm down.

Can aids be used: It has been observed that astral projection takes place when the brain resonates at certain frequencies. It takes a lot of time and practice to tune your brain to those frequencies. An aid can be used to help you achieve that state faster. Binaural beats can help you in this regard. They are isochronic tones that can calm your mind and can help you to astral project much faster and in an easier manner.

Is it Hard: The answer is no, it’s not difficult. It is something that all humans can achieve easily, but many of us struggle with it because of our lifestyles and the way we are programmed by our family and society from birth. Today our lives are filled with cellphones, television shows, traffic, jobs, useless gossip and a whole lot of things all of which impede us from exploring our inner selves. We view all metaphysical things with disbelief, fear and skepticism thus making astral projection extremely hard.

Is it against Religion: Astral projection has nothing against any religion; it is to be viewed as a tool for achieving a higher state of consciousness. In many cases out of body experiences have strengthened the religious beliefs of an individual. In many near death experiences where people talk of meeting god or a loved one from beyond, their faith has only gotten stronger.

Will it take time: Learning astral projection will take time just like any other skill. The time taken to master it will depend on a number of factors including your beliefs, fears and your inner programming. It will also depend on the time and effort you are willing to put into its study .If you are starting out it is good idea to have a journal and record all your experiences.

Any benefits: Astral projection has a number of benefits such as an increased belief in the immortality of the soul, increase in psychic abilities, increased respect for all forms of life, elimination of fear of death and a number of health benefits.

We are naturally equipped for astral projection. Let go of the fears and doubts and try it out for yourselves. It’s time for you to flex your astral muscles and begin your journey on the astral plane.