In the astrological science each sign is associated with certain colors that are supposed to be the favorites of the sign and to affect its people in different ways, such as their modes during the different seasons and when they are depressed or low in energy.
Every color has its own psychological meaning and a certain influence on our psyche.
It is a good thing to know which are the main colors associated with every sign and to use this knowledge to help understand our modes, the difference in our energy levels in different times, and how to have better times with this knowledge.

Here are the basic colors for every sign and their effect:

  1. Aries: is ruled by Mars, the planet with the pure and vibrant Red color the gives energy and power. That is why when people feel down in energy, it is suggested that they wear red and surround themselves with it.
  2. Taurus: is ruled by Venus, which is represented by the color Pink that has the energy of the red but in the softer tones of pastels. This color is associated with love and romance.
  3. Gemini: is ruled by Mercury, and the color of Mercury is Yellow, which indicates communication and action
  4. Cancer: is ruled by The Moon and so the color ranges from White to Silver/Gray going into Black and it represents the Moon light.
  5. Leo: is ruled by The Sun, which is the center of the universe and is represented by Gold and Orange colors, which are vibrant and invigorating colors.
  6. Virgo: since it is also ruled by Mercury, so the same applies with the Yellow color
  7. Libra: is also ruled by Venus, the same as Taurus, but since Libra is more of an artistic sign, the Pink color effect is more romantic
  8. Scorpio: is ruled by Pluto that has Burgundy and Wine as it colors, and its effect shows in the power and energy of the Scorpio.
  9. Sagittarius: is ruled by Jupiter that has the Crimson and Gold colors mixed, and the effect is never a quiet person or a quiet atmosphere, it makes people always on the go looking for new challenges.
  10. Capricorn: is ruled by Saturn, the conservative planet that is represented by Black or Navy colors.
  11. Aquarius: is ruled by Uranus with the Midnight Blue color to give it its vibrant and fresh energy.
  12. Pisces: is ruled by Neptune, with the Violet color that is spiritual in its nature and effect on people.