Characteristics for those born in December

I have traveled the world
Yearning for higher knowledge
All of God's creation, as my college
I am sagittarius, child of Jupiter

This Astrology Report is an overview of characteristics for Sagittarius. The planet Jupiter governs the philosophical and educated constellation of Sagittarius. This sign rules good fortune, religion, philosophy, traveling, pets, and foreign lands. You are a philosopher, a natural teacher and classified in Divine Astrology as Truth Seekers." You would do well in learning or teaching computers, aeronautics, law, religion, communications, radio, and language. You are also attracted to holistic healing, animals, the Indians and the world of sports. Your desire to travel, especially to foreign lands is strong.

  • Strength: Independence
  • Weakness: Unemotional              
  • Sagittarius is a Fire sign- Fast and Eager 
  • Opposite of Sagittarius is- Gemini

You were born with the gift of teaching and you will always promote a form of purity and organization in life. You inherited a quick mind from the stars and you can keep up with anyone willing to discuss knowledge and philosophy. You need to realize the importance of education and you must focus on your chosen goals. Independence is Sagittarius' principle, they enjoy adventure and excitement and adapt easily with change. Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher and the explorer, they will explore every corner thoroughly in their ever eternal search for wisdom. Freedom is important to Sagittarius that they will make decisions based on the amount of freedom that is given by the choice they have made, as a result, sometimes a good opportunity is turned down because of it's high commitment level, but they are usually happy with their choice.

Jupiter, The Lord of Luck will throw you many blessings in your life. With discipline and steadiness you have the potential to produce interesting books, even novels, scripts, poems and songs. The young Sagittarius soul may be too concerned with finances and must learn to give, so that he may receive help from the accumulated good karma. Your sign rules the wilderness, the desert, and the Indians.


Sagittarians are jovial, have a good sense of humor and tend to be easy going. They are generous, philanthropic, frank, fearless, independent, nature-loving, athletic and can be overconfident. A typical Sagittarius person is very daring and loves adventures. Sagittarians are ambitious and career oriented. They love their freedom and independence is important, Sagittarians never interfere in other people's affairs because they appreciate other people’s freedom as much as their own. Because of this they make good friends. Sagittarians are ambitious, their minds are always open to new ideas, new places to visit, they love traveling and exploration. They have a good sense of morality. Many of them can become overly religious and God fearing.

Personality Trait: “I See” a direct approach
 Energy: Ambitious
Mineral: Tin
Color: Light Brown
Body Part: Thighs, Hips
Country: Australia, Spain, Portugal and some parts of the United States; Arizona, California, New Mexico, etc/
Name in Greek Mythology: The Archer, The Great Benefactor