A Review of the Asus EP121 Tablet PC

An Impressive Option for Those Looking to Buy a Tablet PC

The Asus EP121, also referred to as the Asus EEE Slate EP121, is a 12.1 inch tablet PC that uses the Windows 7 platform.  Tablets are becoming increasingly popular ever since the Apple iPad was unveiled years ago.  There are some common issues when using a tablet, but I think this product addresses many of them, which makes it a great buy for those looking to purchase a tablet PC. This Asus EP121 review will cover the main features that consumers should know about.

Asus EP121 Technical Details
# 12.1 inch LED-backlit HD display
# Less than one inch thin
# Made with gorilla glass for durability
# Digitizer pen with Windows 7 pen support for accurate writing and drawing capability
# Intel Core i5-470UM processor with Intel HD graphics for energy efficient performance and 1080p HD playback
# 32GB or 64GB solid state drive for quickly storing and accessing your data
# 2 USB ports
# 2 USB 2.0 ports
# Weighs 2.56 pounds
# Power charge 3 hours for normal use

In my opinion, the most impressive feature of the Asus EP121 tablet computer is the digitizer pen with Windows 7 pen support.  One of the biggest complaints with tablet computers is that it's hard to type efficiently using the touch keypad.  There are external keyboards that you can buy to use on a tablet, but then you might as well just use a laptop.  The digitizer pen allows you to write on the tablet PC display, which makes it easier to take notes during a class or meeting, write emails, draw, or write text documents.  I tend to find it distracting when someone is taking notes during a meeting or class on their laptop.  Constantly hearing a person type when someone else is talking can become very annoying.  Having the ability to write on your tablet computer is a great feature to have.

If you're looking to buy the Asus EP121, a benefit it has over the iPad is the USB ports.  Many people, including myself, switched from mainly using a laptop PC to the iPad.  In my case, I used a flash drive for storage.  However, the iPad doesn't have a USB port, so it was very difficult to view or transfer documents from my laptop PC to my iPad.  Since the Asus EP121 is a tablet PC, it has 2 USB ports so you can continue to use a flash drive as a means of storage.

A main draw of the tablet is that it is extremely portable, in most cases, because of its size.  People got tired of carrying around a laptop and wanted a lighter, more effective alternative.  The Asus EP121 has a 12.1 inch display, is less than one inch thin and weighs 2.56 pounds.  It's very easy to transport because of how light it is, which makes it great to take to work, school, or on a vacation.  

If you are serious about purchasing the Asus EP121, the only concern I would have is the 3 hour battery life.  I think this is where the Apple products far exceed personal computers.  I've never taken the time to actually monitor their battery performance, but I know the battery life is longer than 3 hours.  If you don't plan on using this tablet PC continuously for many hours, than this shouldn't be much of a problem.  You can simply charge it at night and it should have a full battery by the time you wake up.  As with most products, there are positives and negatives.  With the Asus EP121 tablet PC, I think the positives far outweigh the slight negatives.