Asus transformer TF300

The first thing that I want to say about the Asus transformer TF300 is that it is absolutely amazing. It is powered with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core processor which is extremely powerful. The 10.1" display looks great and the HD makes your chosen entertainment that much better. I think that this works much better than an iPad and, in comparison, is much more cost effective. I highly recommend you purchase one of these devices!

The transformer is made of a high quality, resi plastic. I think it is very sturdy and it should last an extremely long time. There are also several types of protective cases that you can purchase for this tablet, so you need not worry about damage. The screen is pretty much glare free and can be viewed even when surrounded by bright lights or if you're under the sun on the beach. I've noticed that there is a little light bleed on the edges of the screen, but it's hardly noticeable.

The Wifi reception is really good and the GPS is also incredible. The transformer streams music and videos flawlessly because the Wifi works so well. I've also tried pretty much every feature on this so far and nothing seems to slow it down. I still have more to learn, but so far, it's great. This tablet has three different performance settings and I highly recommend that you switch to the high performance setting instead of the standard default. It might drain the battery a little faster, but it's worth it.

The only negative thing I noticed is that there might be a problem with ICS because the browser shut down once and it had a hard time coming back up. I'm sure that this will be fixed with the next update. One more problem that I had with this is that the ASUS keyboard is sometimes slow to react. I do type very fast (even on the tablet) so I guess that isn't too bad. I haven't tried the Google keyboard yet because I use the dock when I am going to type a lot.

I also want to say that Android has come a long way with their technology. I actually believe that it will surpass IOS in the near future. Either way, it works great and I have thoroughly enjoyed this tablet. Now, go over to Amazon and pick one up for yourself!