With the fast paced development of technologies nowadays, there is no surprise at all that you can perform home DNA paternity test. Determining paternity even at home is now possible through at home DNA testing kits that are made available on the market.

Where to Order Home DNA Testing Kits

A lot of people may find reliable and quality paternity testing kits on different websites, such as Amazon, for a reasonable price and with accurate results. The problem is knowing which one to choose. It is recommended to read all the reviews for home DNA testing kits before making a purchase. By doing so, you may be able to purchase a more trusted brand. Bear in mind that paternity kits may differ in some way or another but generally its components are still the same.

Home DNA Paternity TestMany home DNA paternity test kits, such as the DNAffirm Paternity Test you can order on Amazon, cost a price of $10.99 for the kit but does not include the lab fee. Keep this in mind when ordering your home DNA testing kits. This particular paternity testing kit, which claims to be 99.99% accurate will cost you an additional $149 lab processing fee when you get ready to send you DNA samples back for analyzing.

What to do After Receiving Your Home DNA Paternity Test Kit

Once you have chosen your brand and purchased your own paternity kit then you're now ready to do your home DNA paternity test.

It consists of buccal swabs or cheek swabs with its labels, containers, and clear instructions to be followed. You must know that there are separated and labeled buccal swabs for the child, the mother and the possible father. It also includes a container that will serve as a package for the samples to be returned in to the laboratory for analysis and testing purposes.

What you have to do after opening the package to your home DNA paternity test kit is to label the envelopes of each testing swab's separate envelopes to avoid mixing it all up and to keep the samples clean. Then you may get the samples from the alleged parents and the child's inner cheek by using a slight pressure while rotating the sample swab to get the cheek cells. Make sure to take the samples one at a time as to avoid confusion in packing it back on their individual containers and envelopes.

When do You Receive Your Paternity Test Results

When all the essential samples have already been collected for your home dna testing kits, you'll have to mail it back to the manufacturer's laboratories for analysis. You may receive the anticipated paternity test results, depending on the company of the brand that you've purchased from, in as little as 5 working days. Some companies may not issue the result for several weeks. Normally, these results will come mailed to you. Keep in mind, some companies may even offer rush services where you can receive the results in just 3 working days. This will result in an additional fee. Also, some companies may offer paternity test results over the phone and then send you a printed copy of the result shortly thereafter.

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