Orasure's Oraquick Drug Store Rapid HIV Testing

Hitting the market in October 2012 will be a revolutionary At Home HIV testing to be sold over the counter at your local CVS, Walgreens and even some online pharmacies.

It really is the 20 minute HIV test found in some traditional medical facilities like doctor’s offices and hospital facilities. This at home Aids testing product shines light on even a larger national issue.Quick HIV at Home Testing-Orasure/Oraquick

The US government cites that nearly 240,000 people of the already 1.2 million carriers aren’t even aware they are infected. Making this at home test available could help slow or even diminish the 50,000 cases already reported yearly, according to the New York Times.

However, it is important to note that this isn’t exactly the first at home HIV testing product on the market. There are a few including Home Access HIV, which required pricking one’s self and filling your blood on a dime size collection card and then sending it in for a reading, mailing the results off in a Fed Ex package and then waiting about a week for results (though some of the newer tests only require you wait one day). You would then get your results through a counselor trained in providing results.

 The new HIV at home testing procedure doesn’t require mailing anything back and you have your results between 20-40 minutes.

You may have wondered what took the FDA so long to approve this revolutionary test product and the reasons are many.

Firstly, there previously some debate around accuracy and counseling. This drug store HIV test product is regarded to have around 98.9 accuracy rate. However, there are lower accuracy levels around false negatives. That is when the test is taken during the infection window. After infection the body could take up to three months to show signs of the HIV antibodies that start to show up in the blood. The accuracy for false negatives is less impressive, it’s seen at around 92%.

Additionally, it’s important to note that at home AIDs/HIV drug store tests don’t absolve a person from going to the doctor and getting treatment or additional testing.

FAQs Regarding the Drug Store HIV Tests Manufactured by Orasure (Oraquick)

What’s the biggest difference in this at home test and the others on Amazon? Well presently the at home tests provided on Amazon aren’t Orasure. If you notice, they still require from 24 hours to a week to get your results and in most cases you are still required to provide a blood sample.

How do I do the HIV at Home Tests?

Similar to some of the tests at a doctor’s office you swab your gumline. You wait at least 20-40 minutes and you get you are able to get your results instantly.

Is there an age limit?

The tests can be sold to those 17 or older. There is no word yet on how this will be enforced.

Can I buy these tests online, like Amazon?

You’ll be able to buy the tests in an online pharmacy, but currently you cannot buy these tests on Amazon.

How much will the Orasure/Oraquick at home AIDs tests be?

According to the New York Times, the tests will be less than $60 dollars. Though these same tests are marketed to healthcare professionals for around $17 dollars.

Would you be more likely to try at home HIV testing?