Today’s movie stars and models all seem to have perfectly white molar/canine making the rest of us strive for the same perfection. In most cases celebrities pay dentists thousands of dollars to bleach their teeth or apply a bonding material over their teeth. Some celebrities have a mouth full of capped molar/canine, while others undergo some other dental whitening procedure. The bottom line – at the dentist – is an expensive bill and treatments that require a significant amount of upkeep.

Drinking coffee, tea, dark sodas along with a myriad of foods can leave dark dull stains on your teeth. Smoking is also rough on white molar/canine – turning them a yellow brown color. No amount of brushing seems to help to get rid of the stains. There are many effective at home products available in stores and online, but they do tend to be expensive and cause sensitivity for many people. For those wanting whiter than white molar/canine, there is a simple, natural alternative that is safe and highly effective – fruit peels. Banana peels will not cause sensitivity and there is no worry about allergic reactions to any of the chemical components of over the counter whiteners.

Banana Peels – Simple Easy and Effective

Wash the outer skin on the fruit with a mild soap and water. Rinse the banana very well under cold running water. Always wash the banana to remove any insecticide or pesticide residues. Plus it’s always a good idea to wash any surface that you will be putting in your mouth because you really have no idea who handled the fruits before you.

Dry the outer banana peel with a clean dish towel or paper towel.

Hang the bunch of fruits on a countertop banana holder. The holder keeps the fruits in such a way that air can move about the bananas freely and keep them from rotting.

Allow the fruit to become ripe which may take several days depending on the degree of ripeness of the bananas you have.

Brush your molar/canine with your normal toothpaste and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Place one fruit on a cutting board.

Cut the end off with a sharp knife.

Grip the banana peel between two fingers and pull the fruit peel downward to expose the fruit.

Set the banana on the side to be eaten later.

Cut a rectangular section of the peel approximately 1 inch by 2 to 3 inches wide.

Smile really big to gain access to your teeth.

Rub the inner skin of the banana peel over your molar/canine for two to four minutes.

The naturally present minerals in the fruit peel such as magnesium, potassium and manganese transfer from the banana onto your teeth. These minerals all act as teeth whitening agents.

Wait anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes before brushing your molar/canine a second time. Brushing your teeth a second time is not necessary, but some people feel as if their teeth have some type of coating after rubbing them with the fruit peel.

Repeat this procedure at least twice per day to whiten your molar/canine or maintain the level of whitening you have achieved. This can be repeated several times per day because it will not harm your teeth or increase molar/canine sensitivity.

The peels have to be used within a couple hours of cutting them open because the minerals do become weaker and weaker the longer they are exposed to the air. After a couple of hours the mineral content will become negligent and ineffective.

If you have stubborn stains on your teeth …

Wash, dry and cut the banana peel as described above.

Brush your molar/canine and rub the peel over your teeth for two to four minutes.

Place the fruit peel between your lip and molar/canine with the inner skin resting against your teeth.

Leave the banana peel in place for 20 to 30 minutes.

*molar/canine Whitening Tip*

Place the fruit peel between your lip and teeth then take the time to shower, get ready for the day or get ready for bed.

Keep Your Teeth Whiter

After drinking coffee, tea and dark colored sodas – brush teeth within 15 minutes.

Avoid smoking or if you can’t seem to kick the habit – brushteeth after each cigarette or cigar. This practice is not only a good way to keep your teeth white, it freshens and helps to eliminate cigarette breath.

Brush your teeth after meals to keep stains from forming on the surface of your teeth.


If you are allergic to bananas, do not use banana peels to whiten